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Vehicle-UAV will be able to leave Russia only with driver

photo: pixabay.com

In case of necessity, namely, when you encounter difficult situations on the roadway, a driver must quickly switch the process of driving a vehicle with autopilot in manual mode.

What, then, drones will differ from conventional vehicles? According to the developers of the artificial «brain» of the car, the difference is significant. The autopilot will allow the driver to only perform operator functions: the person will be freed from a permanent road at all times during long journeys on straight roads, you can spend your time on other tasks, for example, to read a book, talk on the phone. Moreover, it is possible that when forming a column of vehicles following the same route, they will be assigned only one driver-operator.

However, despite the presence of a person in the cockpit of the drone, the developers of the draft law offer to fix the situation about the use of black boxes in Airliners. They need to fix the basic parameters of the movement of the machine, as well as a video of her on-Board cameras. According to experts, the black boxes will help to better establish the causes of the accident, the perpetrators, and to improve the intelligence of drones to further minimize accidents.

Until recently, the creators of unmanned vehicles and legislators around the world could not answer the main question: who should be responsible for the accident, which occurred with the participation of «drone»: the owner of the car, who developed the artificial intelligence system the company or the automaker who manufactured and sold the car?

According to the Executive Secretary of the Commission of the state Duma of the Russian Federation on the development of strategic information systems Andrey Chernogorov, the responsibility for the accident should lie with the driver of the drone. Appropriate changes should be made to the rules of the road, article of the Federal law «On road safety», in the criminal and Civil codes of the Russian Federation and to the Code of administrative violations.

But not only the accident threatens autorobot on the road — his fragile artificial intelligence can prevent external hacking. In this attack, the Autobots will become unpredictable on the road. Therefore a separate line in the draft law on the system of protection from hackers and terrorists, similar to those now set on the domestic strategic enterprises.

Today Russia other countries less advanced in the development of legislation in the field of unmanned vehicles. In Europe, and especially in the United States has already entered into force legislation that would regulate the movement of drones on public roads at the level of individual regions.

It is anticipated that amendments to legislative acts of the Russian Federation about the Autobots can be accepted the State Duma till the end of 2016.