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Became famous salad recipe, which Jennifer Lopez was eating in Moscow

photo: Lily Sherlovskaja

The restaurant Jennifer and her entourage were advised by one of the relatives of Mikhail Gutseriev — zavsegdatai this institution. He was engaged in the reception of Western stars and cared about their comfort. Here at different times visited the Prince albert, Meryl Streep, Roberto Carlos, Chris de Burgh, Toto Cutugno, Naomi Campbell, Jim Carrey, Kylie Minogue and many others.

For dinner Jennifer had arrived with his entire entourage: entourage and security. The guests were placed in the Central hall of the restaurant, reminiscent of the romantic streets of Venice. The idea of this design was owned by the restaurateur Tatiana Kurbatskaya. «Our patrons accustomed to the media persons, and often belong to them, and so did not burden the guest unwanted attention or requests for joint photos — assured restaurant Manager , — high, with her kindly said Hello».

Jennifer Lopez acted in a school with excellent simplicity than once bribed all those present. Dinner began with a selection of wine. Guests opted for Sassicaia is one of the best Italian wines.

Jennifer herself was sampling wine?

Wine ordered the man who was with her, I don’t know who that is: close to her person or someone accompanying persons, between themselves, they spoke Spanish. On etiquette we try to give to the one who made the order, so the wine tasted partner Jennifer. She allowed herself only one glass.

— Honey is the wine?

— Yes, one of the most expensive in Italy. But I think she can afford it.

— What has she made an impression on you?

— Very nice, she’s humble, sweet girl. In principle, as many stars who visit our restaurant.

Directly behind star dinner said the chef places Tino Demontis. That night Tino personally prepared for Jennifer all the dishes. Her order consisted of brand of salad «Tino», pasta with truffles, langoustine, Straciatella cheese with tomatoes. But a special delight Jennifer is left from branded pizza «Bomb atomic» with truffle oil and tar tare of tuna. For dessert, Jennifer had ordered fruit.

J. Lo arrived to congratulate the newlyweds
The wedding of the son of Mikhail Gutseriev was struck by its scope (8 photos)

During the evening Jennifer asked the waiter to call the chef and wished she did a selfie with him on his first, and then at his phone.

Tino is of Italian descent, understands and speaks Russian, although the phrase sometimes builds original. He told us about his star visitor in the expressive Italian style.

— Tino, Jennifer is one of the most stellar your guests or you are used to such visitors?

— We are very often visited by the stars. They become not just guests, but friends. So I never even photographed, but to my surprise Jennifer herself asked to do a selfie on your phone and then on my. I never thought she’d ask!

— The table was laid at your discretion, or guests chose meals?

— We started talking in English, but I don’t speak English, and she asked me:»Where are you from?» I said,»I’m from Sardinia» and asked:» And where are you from? «From Puerto Rico». Well, of course, we started talking in Spanish, so she was more comfortable! And she ate all that I recommend, especially,she liked our specialty pizzas with white truffle «Bomb atomic». She tried, and she already took a piece and ate and said»delicious!». Well, what else? Pasta with white sauce and truffle, artichokes, house salad, my «David» . Well, I could not offer sweets from our patisserie.

— What was hot? Meat or fish?

They ate everything: pasta, fish and seafood, and meat. In the end Jennifer ordered a plate of fruit: pineapple, raspberries, mango, grapes, kiwi, seasonal fruits.

— What is it you were impressed?

She is very cute. And I’ll tell you exactly, if she wasn’t a famous singer and actress, we still would have impressed me the most pleasant experience. And she is very beautiful.

— No showing off?

— No, a normal person. There are whimsical stars, but I’m kind to them, so we get along with everyone. With me were my children — the eldest fourteen years old and eight-year-old kid, they were intolerable and asked to do a selfie, Jennifer immediately agreed.

— You that night you worked or caused on purpose?

— This day was the Catholic Easter, have a great holiday in Italy, but I worked. But even if output was, and would come with an important guest, I would immediately come.

— Why don’t you make a gallery of photos with the stars?

— We don’t want to cause discomfort. Well, as for me, I just don’t like to be photographed. Although I couldn’t make a photo with your favorite actor is Steven Seagal, who also came to us.

— And what he ordered?

— Ate an artichoke, pasta mix, pasta, meat.

— Who is your favorite guest star?

— We have all the guests favorite. All the same. Often the players of, say, Andrei Shevchenko, and I love football. But I respect all guests, and if at the same time comes regular guest star and I’ll be it in parallel to render account.

— And there are some guests who are well versed in Italian cuisine?

— Many! Our guests in the summer for two, three months on holiday in Italy , and bring the recipes themselves, and new ideas. Ask:»Can’t cook?» I go, look at what restaurant he ate, call back, communicating with the local chef…

— They are not going?

— No! Share!

— There is a feeling that you live among the stars?

— There is a feeling. I know a lot when they were not very rich, as it is now. And we communicate fine, are your Ministers, is Dmitry Medvedev, Sergey Lavrov — your chief Minister, and they also just communicate, ask that I advise of the dishes or are we just talking about football, the weather, all the normal people.

— And Medvedev communicates?

Once, when he was President, he came to us and asked for a wine from Sardinia «Capichera», and on this day, this wine did not have, and he says,»Tino! You’re from Sardinia, why not you this your fault?» «I don’t know the supplier did not bring!» And Medvedev said:»Tino, in my house there is wine, two boxes, I’ll get you!» This was a joke.

— Sometimes, celebrity guests invite you home?

There is, but I won’t give everything away (laughs).

— Recipes asking?

— Of course! And their wives too, then cook at home. We Oleg Menshikov every Saturday it happens, Oleg Tabakov came in, all very nice and pleasant people, always learn. Nikita Mikhalkov also happens that we communicate in Italian, he speaks Italian. Sometimes I receive the order from the cash register, I read and already knew who came, go out, greet.

— Russian cuisine can you cook?

— I learned a couple of dishes: a borsch, kharcho, but this is not your… More meatballs, dumplings, pickled tomatoes and cucumbers, me local girl taught them to salt. Drinks made raspberry, black currant, I personally do. When guests ask for a coke or Fanta, I say,»No! Drink natural!»

Jennifer something to drink Coca-Cola and Pepsi…

— I could not say that she refused, did not see this point…

And she never tried the juice?

— No! Sorry…

— And you can bring the recipe of some dishes, ate Lopez?

— David salad: peeled tomatoes, cucumbers, red onion, boiled egg, asparagus and crab, dressed with olive oil, lemon and cilantro. It’s like a different flavor: there are cold ingridienty is cushy when stirred, it turns out the contrast.

Jennifer Lopez expressed a desire to self-pay at restaurant with a credit card, but they wouldn’t let her, because according to the rider power star guests paid for by the host country. But a tip, the amount of which is very pleased with the waiters, the star chose to leave personally.