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At the concert Zemfira propped biathlon mate, congratulated Mr Putin

photo: Natalia Muslinkina

Giant snakes in queues at the entrance held some three or four hours, those who are lucky a little more, or two. «Well at least brandy with me, not so cold!», rejoiced two young girls. «And buy another Cup-Zamfirescu», — pestered him a speculator Lustig, who tried to foist someone more expensive dishes with the image of rogersi. This evening she was delicate: he waited until all the bubbling sea of human will fill the hall, and only then came on the scene.

Given the difficult character of the actress and the excessive attention to her person, the risk that the tour will not without incident, was great and paid off. Already on February 18 speech in Nizhny Novgorod singer, unhappy with the «difficult and heavy» sound, said that this is the last tour in her career and she «didn’t want to speculate music», than outright scared of fans and caused a flurry of heated discussions on the Internet. Wondering on a coffee thick – «go – go», some were lost, others were of the opinion that Zemfira – lady eccentric, quickly thawed and will continue to act as if nothing had happened. Many remember how she, for example, «forever» was in and out of the network, froze their site and did not show any activity in social networks, and then what would the child have anything he wants — he returned as if nothing had happened, beginning to put in not only music news but also photos of sunrises-sunsets integrame. The news about the termination of activity, as it turned out, even the flowers. A much more strong storm of emotions rose when the singer at a concert in Lithuania asked the fans to remove the Ukrainian flag. And deja vu all over again: I remember, at a joint presentation with Yuri Shevchuk in his native Ufa displeased her flags DDT, but it was the symbolism of the group, and flag – state, and given the tense political situation, many accused the entertainer in a politically incorrect gesture.

After watching these passions, Moscow fans with a sinking heart waited for what awaits them at the concert in the capital. Apparently, fearing the wrath of cat, no flags, no one took, the only one born with a decoration of steel lanterns on mobile, which the people had lit during the execution of the lyrical ballads. And still Zemfira found that to chide them: «Hush! Do not talk, — she chastised fans in the front row — at the after party talk, and now listen to me!» Got, by the way, not only the audience, but… the national team of Russia in biathlon, which in last season has won no medals no at the world Cup, or at home the stage: «you Know, I perform at home. How are the athletes in the house?!», — asked the singer. And answered strong swear word. However, to call all these phrases abuse has been difficult: the artist, like this evening hair, costumes and make-up on Constantine Kinchev the time of the release of the album «For those who have fallen from the moon», was in high spirits, smiled, bowed to the audience, put his hands to his chest and hugged his new musicians. They brought from the UK, she is now particularly proud of, noting that the active pace of work, they even drove herself. «He’s so cool! And all of the sort,» groaned and Akhal young fans, looking for the English princes. It turned out, two of them twin brothers. Each new member was presented separately, lines from some songs Zemfira translated to English musicians, and one even dedicated to their parents in the audience. I must say, her former colleagues on stage have never been honored with such attention, and maybe in vain. The British resembled a perfect playing robots that demonstrate the virtuosity of each composition, but without understanding neither the meaning of the texts, nor their drama, and exist separately from the main character.

Songs from the setlist would have sufficed for two full concert: rocker and walked through the old material, not forgetting the «Scandal», «Splash», «Main», «Infinity», «Results», and songs from the last album — «Mountain», «Somersault», «Kofeina». All the things sounded in the new arrangements, stylish and ornate, but not always precise: some of them, having lost a modest minimalism has lost its flavor. However, the audience was in such a euphoric state that can hardly pay attention to such «trifles». One of the most poignant Zamperini songs «Live in your head» was the Frank recognition of Renata Litvinova: when her image appeared on the big screen behind the stage, Zemfira turned to him, continuing to sing about the «unconscious, unintentional» love, turning to her friend. The invisible presence Litvinova was felt throughout the speech: it worked on an unusual video, which was broadcast on all four sides on a giant cube suspended from the ceiling in front of the stage. A set of visual stories bizarre: when I heard the song «Somersault», the audience first watched on the screen as a small child crying, then a woman cuts pictures of him into little pieces and burns them. Under the track «inside» the audience watched a puppet film, whose characters were people with sewn eyes and two small strange animals, burning cardboard in the house. Obviously, such a design cost the actress is quite cheaper than Philip Kirkorov for his show installation of the much-vaunted Franco Dragone, representing significantly less conceptual value.

However shocked the audience not the visuals, and the sudden cry of Zemfira in the middle of the concert: «happy birthday, Mr Putin!», after which she sang «I Wonder as you’re there». In the hall hung deathly silence. The tension eased, when the audience realized that congratulated the artist is not someone you immediately associate that name and patronymic, Vladimir Pozner, who on 1 April turned 82 years old. She recently came out of the gloom, gave the first worker for many years a television interview. Then many criticized the star, accusing her that she has forgotten how to speak normally too primitive and answered his questions, others on the contrary was praised for his honesty, unusual for her openness and sincerity. In any case, the very Zemfira these discussions, it seems, were not touched, and Posner, they parted as friends, as evidenced by her greeting, which was erroneously not regarded as a political provocation.

Tickets for the concert were sold out on the first day of sales, so the artist has organized an additional presentation. Practice of double concerts at the largest Metropolitan area, where all the action is the usual case, however, in such cases, even when coming foreign bands like Depeche Mode and Muse, part of the stands was fenced, Zemfira same room with the sides opened completely. Today it is justly considered the most popular rock singer in Russia, but the glory, of course, brings not only joy and pleasure: in her address also sounds a lot of criticism. In addition to enthusiastic posts on the Internet until X-hour came, and publishing on the topic of «why I don’t go to the concert Zemfira». «Today I realized that I just don’t want to be in the crowd 40-year-old frolicking cubs, struggling to prove to myself that life is just beginning, that his youth will be enough for everyone that love does not run out to the grave that there is no death, — wrote on his page on the social network journalist Anton Krasovsky — and then 40-year-old woman singing some «Daisies», and everyone will jump. No, do go to their disco 80-x». In a similar vein, expressed the journalist and showman Alexei Ostudin: «Zemfira – «Tender may» zero (of course, not creatively, but as a social phenomena). This search for sincerity to those who consider themselves too sentimental for reality, full of falsehood and cynicism. Well, that’s not close to me now popular genre that can be called «lesbian manly sincerity.» Gay pop-pathos so much more fun». As the saying goes, tastes differ. Zemfira continues to delight millions of his fans, but to enjoy the «gay talk», rather, it is necessary to wait for arrival to Moscow, say, Elton John, or at worst go to a concert of Philip Kirkorov in Peter.