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There is such a profession — home to clean up

photo: Alena Pavlova

Natalia Yakimovich.

In her office many colors. Near the door, leaning back against the wall, waiting in the wings sports bike. Now I understand why she’s in such incredible shape — slim, light as a teenager. Or like an elf. But today there’s snow outside and Cycling is not. And this can be used to ask her questions.

— Natalia Alekseevna, how you decided to become an investigator? How this work in reality is different from perceptions that give us movies?

— I never had a doubt who I’ll be working. Becoming an investigator I decided back when I was in school. Of course, a role for me too, played movies, books. Strengthened I desire, when I studied at Moscow state University law school, and then got distribution in the Prosecutor’s office. As it turned out, the present work differed from my views. It turned out that running with a gun and other «romance» is mainly the work of the operatives. The job of the investigator more of a Desk, mentally.

— If you start from the same television series, closer to you Kamenskaya than Shevtsova?

— Yes, it is. The job of the investigator to unravel, to build version, to check, to guide field investigators on the right trail. And yet — in the movie doesn’t show it — at the investigator’s a lot of work with documents, since everything has to be formalized. Although, of course, it is sometimes necessary to perform the work of investigators, police officers. In my practice there was one very dangerous thing — one of the first related to housing fraud, when people were killed, to take possession of their apartments. Then we were subjected to a real risk of assassination attempts and carried a gun, went with him on detention. But then I didn’t realize the danger, because it was very interesting. Now, of course, it is not. I mean such acute danger.

— Your first practice came in the nineties. Can compare crime that then reigned in the capital and that what we have now?

— Actually talking about the nineties that there was some sort of terrible crime, are greatly exaggerated. Maybe it was a little more of crimes with application of firearms and explosives. And still, even though there were a lot of weapons, crimes were less. And now crime is up, violent, including. In those days, murder in Moscow was an extraordinary incident, which was attended by the leadership of the district, of the city, literally all representatives of the city authorities. And there was only one operative group of the Prosecutor’s office to the whole city. Today in every district investigative group, that’s just being torn apart. This in itself suggests that the incidence of crime then and now are incommensurable. So, though told «dashing nineties», but not so much they were dashing. Everything is relative.

— And if the crimes be compared?

— If to speak about the Central district of Moscow, where I work, but now it is mostly economic crimes. Also widespread fraud, giving and receiving bribes. If you take fraud, there is more involved in the tourism business, banking. Frequently committed theft of property by deception and abuse of trust. For example, if you take out money from any commercial organization for imaginary complex issue. The offender learns that someone needs, for example, at the state Agency to extend or to contract investment. He comes to the representative of the firm, says: you can’t extend, and I can pay a certain amount to help. And he actually affect this decision. But takes the money and the businessman or the entrepreneur is left with nothing — and the question not decided and the money lost. We just were sent to court.

— But if to compare the detection rate? A few years ago, technically, the investigators were equipped much worse. But people willingly helped them. How about now?

Of course, investigators and experts have in forensic technology and more knowledge. In this respect, all very advanced. Opportunities then was less. But people then were willing to help the investigation, and now.

— What crimes are harder to uncover?

In comparison with the bribe murder, of course, reveal much easier. In General, economic crimes to investigate is much heavier than enforced. Fraudsters or corrupt officials on the lives of more thoughtful, cunning. In the case of murder detectives are usually able to collect a lot of evidence allowing to draw conclusions. But on economic crimes investigator is necessary to think where to direct the investigation and decide what instructions to give.

— To investigate economic crime, you need to have some knowledge. You have such crimes are the special investigators?

— The Main investigation Department are units that provide a clean economy, or just the murders. At our level there are no special units, but any investigator can investigate a crime of any kind — economic, against the person, and corruption. There are certain methodological developments.

— What knowledge should a good investigator?

-The knowledge that give our legal universities are criminal law, civil, administrative, financial, their whole complex, are quite enough to begin investigative work. Then you need to master criminal law, criminal procedure, criminology. If you decide to work as an investigator, we simply must educate ourselves — reading books, manuals, attend classes. It is necessary, without it nothing will happen. But in practice it often turns out that pulls the work. I saw many guys who did well in school and to work are unable. Whether his psychological condition, or for other reasons. One word — not their job and all.

— What are these psychological moments that not everyone makes?

— Actually it is very hard work. The investigator constantly faced with human grief — someone was murdered, someone was raped, and other horrible things we have to see constantly. Dead bodies, grieving relatives… All of it personally and to remain indifferent is not possible. It’s hard. And it accumulates day by day.

— It oversimplifies? Obossat? You do not have this, that leaving from work after a hard day, you in every person begin to see a potential criminal?

— Well, it’s already some sort of mania should be. mental disorder, if it for people to watch. I don’t have anywhere near the.

— And the credibility of the people do not become less? Or maybe you have become a people to see through?

— Probably some disturbing things professional always sees. I had a case in the subway, where I saw a young man and I immediately thought that he’s here for a reason. I thought, he is now someone that’ll snatch the phone or bag. And sure enough — at the next stop he pulled the bag from the seated woman and jumped out. Perhaps, even unknowingly already read these people.

— How do you relax from all this?

— Here is the bike I have . I have always loved to skate, and my work is in some measure the nervous and sedentary. Here and need money to be fit. Especially near the Luzhniki stadium. In the evening after work an hour and a half ride, if the weather is decent and time. Still giving love — flowers, to dig in the ground.I love animals. I have a parrot, dog, dwarf rabbits — a whole zoo. Come to Pat them, walk around, here and switch.

— We assume that switched for a while. And again — to crime. There were cases that you particularly remember?

— Remember the first case — taking apartments, where a gang was operating in different parts of Moscow. The group consisted of nine people. They installed those on permanent residence is about to go abroad or to change-to sell the apartment. Came, killed them, took possession of their apartments. For those times it was something. The composition of the gang, of course, included the police, the staff of HCS. Then it was taken away from us in Central city Prosecutor’s office. But we were the first ones out on the trail of this gang. My husband — he worked in Moore for his investigation into the order of courage was awarded, and I was encouraged by a prize of 50 rubles. It was good money. Remembered a case which was investigated in the South-East of Moscow, where I was then the Deputy Prosecutor. There the woman daughter was missing. We began to understand, and suspicion fell on a young man, whom she met shortly before. Checked all connections — no leads. But on the last day they met, then she disappeared. The search he did, to work for him went — he’s in the bakery worked — no sign. But she’s, like, more no one spoke. For some reason I sunk into the head, it is necessary to look at the bakery. We took shovels and picks and went to the bakery. He lived, too. Looking about, the walls were prostojali — nothing. Approached the stove. It type of tandoor and near earth floor. Let’s say, let’s go, nowhere more to search. Began to dig — and, indeed, the corpse was there. He’s already mummified — there hot. The killer later told me that they came to the bakery to talk, he asked her to enter into a relationship, she got scared, ran down the stairs, broke his neck and died. And he just got scared, so hid the body. But it was obvious that he was beaten on the head. Now, it’s memorable because it was not the usual — operatives are unable to find the killer, and we found it by investigating.

— When you first came to work as an investigator you must have had teachers. Someone remembered to you especially?

— Yes. when I came to work in Babushkinsky office of public Prosecutor, where Galina Ivanovna worked Lundin. As she herself said, 30 years in the same chair. Absolutely stunning investigator she was, thank God she is still alive. Here she gave me much. What always struck me in it is how it worked at the scene. There is always seized any things, items, substances. Often very unpleasant. Somehow trying to get rid of them as soon as possible — somewhere to hang, to remove. But Galina Ivanovna always very carefully examined all this in my office. Now I understand how important this is. Usually investigators do not like to drive on the autopsy, to dismantle all these rags, the murder weapon. And she always went to the crime scene personally. Wear gloves and do not Scarecrow. So people loved my work. And she was one of the best investigators in all of Moscow, although he worked in the area. I learned a lot with her — and nothing to be afraid of and attentive to the details.

That show detail? What conclusions can be drawn from things?

— A lot of things. Often find unidentified corpses. Clothing is always looking for any shortcuts, receipts from stores, receipt of payment phone, cleaning — all to establish the identity. Clothing brand sometimes you can find out where she bought all this leads to the result.

— Can you tell us about what is happening in the capital right now? What new crimes have emerged? What made more often?

— A lot of us was over a case of illegal gambling activity. This crime is peculiar for the centre of Moscow. There are many large apartments at Prechistenka, Ostozhenka, often duplex, which are rented. Here and there open illegal casinos. Often in these flats is a secret door. An entrance equipped with an additional camera. At the entrance of the guard sits and watches who comes. If you go police, its task is only to inform that the people fled. Often the casino leased adjacent apartment. Are in one slot machines, roulette, poker tables. In some of the rooms in the Cabinet made a secret door that leads into a neighboring apartment. And if the police come, all the visitors quietly flow down there, the Cabinet is locked and I do not.

— Who are the visitors to such a casino? How they find them?

Is people same long-established. They all know each other. From player to player, from a casino owner to owner transferred certain customer base — the names and numbers of potential players. And send them the invitation via SMS. And these people come from, where they are invited. For many years this client base illegal casino owners and work.

This is a serious income?

To get this kind of apartment for 250-400 thousand a month, this turnover needs to be? The tens of millions.

— What other crime trends in the capital?

— It is possible to tell that now this trend has been a migration crime. Statistics show that the majority of crimes in Moscow are committed by people newcomers, as a rule, not even the Russians. Law-abiding citizens would like to advise such people to take a closer. It often happens that the man is talking on the phone and the criminal catches up, hits you on the head, snatches the phone or bag, runs away. Often bags, purses abducted from the car. Pierce the wheel until the driver changes it, divert, take away the purse or bag and run away. Such cases are many, and mostly all describe that the crimes committed by the newcomers. In Moscow a significant mass of cases in which accused those who during the day work as janitors or something, live in the same area. And then Rob, kill and rape. But, I must say, a violent crime they are committing mainly against persons of his own nationality, because usually communicate mainly among themselves. As for thefts and robberies, they don’t care whom to Rob. And since «their» good phones are almost there, we fall under Moscow it is most often teenagers and women.

— What other crimes are common in the center of Moscow?

Medical case, because there are a lot of clinics. Last year we sent to the court two cases. Sufficiently egregious things have happened in a clinic. For example, the girl on the surgery had my tonsils out and she went into a coma, though the operation itself is trivial. After that died. Doctors had admitted negligence, unprofessional actions. The surgeon saw that from tonsils bleeding, but did not attach any importance to this. The anesthesiologist saw it also and he also did not give value. As a result the child drowned in the blood that fell into the airway. During interrogations, then each nodded at each other — the surgeon to the anesthesiologist, the anesthesiologist at the surgeon. Unfortunately, the surgeon us to attract failed because there is a judgment, which wrote that there is no causal link between the death and the actions of the surgeon. But the anesthesiologist, we were brought to justice.

— How do you think? Was his fault?

— I believe so, Yes. But unfortunately, such cases are very difficult to investigate and bring to court due to the fact that the medical community is persecuted primarily corporate interests.

But at least some consequences for this doctor came?

— He resigned from the clinic and its leadership still understands what happened actually.

But experts would still say not guilty?

— No one wants to wash dirty linen in public, and experts we cannot check because we do not have the necessary knowledge. And second what happened in this case — experts said that this surgeon is a Professor, a luminary in his field and no other equal to him on the expert level they are unable to find that would have something to say about the rightness or wrongness of his actions. They claim that no one can comment on or evaluate his actions. We are unable in all Russia to find a person who would be able to help us with that.

— I mean, this is such a serious problem?

— This is a huge problem, the medical cases are extremely heavy, are mainly based on the conclusions of the complex forensic-medical examinations. And also physicians. Therefore, it is not always possible to talk about impartiality and fairness experts.

— How can I solve this problem?

I think you need to establish an independent expert body, which would not be under the auspices of the health Ministry and was not anything to do with the medical community. Yes, there will be medical professionals. But they will not be affected and to submit to the Ministry of health. Then maybe something will move. But now in 80% of cases are of the conclusion made in favor of physicians, although sometimes it is obvious that it is not so But there are cases when everything becomes so obvious and odious, and besides, the case gets more publicity then they begin to fear public opinion.

— Crimes against children performed a lot in Moscow?

— In the TFR investigated only grave and especially grave crimes. Mostly robberies, and, mainly, when adolescents and children taking mobile phones, beat up their peers, sometimes right on the street. Here at the center,such crimes less, but on the outskirts of Moscow — a lot.

— What do you as an investigator and just a woman you could advise the garage for their safety?

— To be careful. On the street not to talk to strangers. Sometimes, criminals fit under some pretext, for example, are asked to show how to get to some street. It is, of course, and to help and to tell you, but you need to follow this person, because behind you is next to you. Because so often just distract in order to steal your bag or phone. Very attentive you need to be in banks when you take off or put money on the card. Now it is easy to find a pin code. And in the restaurant, when calculated by the card. Often it happens that her photograph and then use.

In the evening I advise any woman not to be outside for one and especially if you have consumed alcohol. Most crimes against women occur when they are in a state of intoxication — alcohol or drugs. It immediately attracts the attention of people who want to encroach on either property or honor. I also want to recommend to avoid large concentrations of people, because it might attract terrorists.

But, in principle, Moscow is quite a safe city and don’t need to have any obsessions and phobias.

— In your team a lot of women?

— Not at all. I’m alone. It’s not because I’m against them, it happened. I, on the contrary for the fact that they came — great to work with. They are more diligent, less prone to some bad habits. But there are no vacancies, sorry. All busy men.

— And in the UK in General a lot of women?

When I worked in the Prosecutor’s office, women were more investigators. And then somehow began to dominate the men’s team. But recently began again coming women already in the UK.

Seriously they have?

— Yes, I will not hide, hard. Maybe that’s why not everyone can handle.

— You don’t look miserable.

— Yes, I am a happy person, otherwise 26 years at the same job is not.

— As a woman — mother, wife, you feel happy?

— Yes.

— Share with less experienced colleagues is their recipe for happiness.

We have a family of lawyers — her husband former police officer, I’m an investigator. We had little, were both initially, some resentment, misunderstanding. But if you love someone, you want to tell them to be patient, to understand him and to forgive, they say. That is, you have to understand your spouse, partner with him and find common ground and common interests. The main thing is not to move away.

— What’s most important in your life?

Family. Work was my life before I got married and then the priorities changed. This does not mean that I was less or worse to work, but all the same native people, my family first.