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Anna Goroga: «Prepare low-calorie pancakes»

photo: Lily Sherlovskaja

Anna Goroga.

— Here and raided the carnival. I always eat properly, and has limited itself in the consumption of starchy, sugary and fatty. But when everybody’s eating pancakes, and even restaurants for lunch will offer a free pancake sample with any filler, it is extremely difficult to refuse. I think that in any case, to deny yourself the pleasure of eating in this holiday, is not correct. So from year to year indulge yourself a low-calorie pancakes, cooked according to original recipe. So, as you know the most nutritious pancakes are made with yeast containing the butter and sugar in large quantities. If you want to cook low-calorie pancakes, you must first pay attention to the food you want to cook them. Swapping out some ingredients for others, or reducing their number, you get to ensure that you get pancakes 0 calories.

Pancakes with cane sugar


— 100 g of flour;

— 250 ml of low-calorie milk;

— pinch of salt;

To 50 g of carbonated mineral water;

— 30 g cane sugar;

— 1 egg.

Method of preparation:

To the milk add the egg, flour, cane sugar. Whisk thoroughly, better with a mixer. Add mineral water and salt, then blend again. Bake as usual pancakes.

Pancakes on kefir


— 100 ml of yogurt,

— half a teaspoon of soda,

— one chicken egg,

— 40 g of flour.

Method of preparation:

All the ingredients are kneaded with 50 ml of warm water, paying attention to not formed lumps. Bake on a greased pan.

Pancakes from pumpkin


— 200 g pumpkin;

— 50 g wheat flour;

— 250 ml of low-calorie milk;

— pinch of salt;

— cinnamon and sugar powder ;

— ½ Baking powder;

— 1 egg

— cane sugar.

Method of preparation:

Milk, eggs, flour, sugar, cinnamon, vanilla, salt, pepper and baking powder whisk until smooth. Pumpkin RUB on a small grater and add to the dough. The resulting mass grind in a blender to a state of mashed potatoes and fry in olive oil until Golden brown.

Best low carb pancakes as the filling will suit: low-fat cottage cheese, with raisins or nuts; tuna with greens; cooked green beans; chopped boiled chicken breast with vegetables; vegetable stew; cooked mushrooms; berries without sugar; honey in small quantities; chopped Apple with the raisins.

And remember that healthy eating should be fun and be delicious, not to break. With the holiday of wide Shrovetide dear friends.

Pancake day in Russia this year officially started today, March 7 and will run until 13 March.