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At the heart of a goat butting Timur six goats, won the Amur tiger

In the seaside Safari-Park March 8 participated in the casting of the brides of the goat Timur.

Recall, intended for Timur began to look after his friend tiger the Amur behaved not as friends, hit slap in the face for the fact that Timur was trying to play. Goat in a state of shock was relocated in a nearby aviary. Friends allow you to see, but to calm Timur, it was decided to find a bride.

Participated in the selection of six goats — Xenia from the Republic of Mari El, Tatarstan Sair, mania Star and Lady from Primorye, and the goat from the suburbs named Merkel. The latter was considered a favorite.

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According to «Star» the girl in the truest sense of the word, fought for the heart of Timur, which still can not forget old friends while Merkel deduced from the contest the Sair and Manu, Timur went to the Amur.

Director of the Safari Park Dmitry Mezentsev told KP that the first round of the competition was won by Amour: «there are No favorites,» he said.

Although the goat mania, the defeated favorite, apparently liked Timur eligible young man lingered beside her, rejecting the blonde Merkel and even grappled with her horns.

On the casting, by the way… came the wife of Timur with the kids — the goat Lady and the seven kids. Their preferences proud «first lady» did not show.

Meanwhile on the website of the Safari Park announced the voting for the goats — the results will be taken into account when making a final decision on the candidate.

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In a new video from seaside Safari Park captured first fight famous couples: goat Timur and the tiger of the Amur. Predator, not like stalking his herbivorous friend, the tiger and hit the goat with his paw. However,the cloven have not suffered, peace was quickly restored and the friends continued to walk through the Park.

Video published on the website youtube.com user safaripark25.TV

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The Amur tiger and the goat Timur first met nose to nose after a quarrel ended in a fight. The animals sniffed each other through the fence. Goat, the victim from the fangs and claws of his hot-tempered friend, showed no signs of fear or anxiety.

Video published on the website youtube.com user safaripark25.TV