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The United States has spent on the prohibition of Meldonium about 7 million dollars

photo: 1tv.ru

Again I had to go to meet our expert physicians: to make the picture a little clearer — to make a promise not to publish names. And here’s the first «cynical» question of the correspondent «MK» about the hypothetical legalization of doping in principle sounded the expected answer: «back Then the sport in the cemetery turn. And in school, a young drug addict. Think about it: drug pattern is a solution to any problems with the chemicals. Is this an option?»

Nevertheless Ann, two days old Mildronate, Meldonium it, not just to drugs does not apply, the effect for athletes, few proven. How is it that until 31 December 2015, it was resolved, and the next day everything was different?

— By occupation I am against any kind of paranoia. But we have to admit that the political order in this story is, — our interlocutor admits. — At about this same time a year ago, a small American organization dedicated to grants for anti-doping research, remembered Meldonium. Grants are usually given for this work, — 80-100 thousand dollars. And now (attention!) … unite the efforts of the U.S. anti-Doping (USADA), the United States Olympic Committee, and baseball MLB League American football NFL. The combination is extremely unusual. The two last-mentioned position themselves outside the perimeter of the Olympic sports. Moreover, they are generally outside of the code world anti-doping Agency (WADA): commercial League immediately marked them «all», and they answer to no one. The WADA has extraterritorial powers, World Agency can dictate terms to the entire sports world. But the major American League, a North American living in close proximity with the headquarters of WADA in Montreal. And here’s the organization virtually from different planets came together. For what? To study Meldonium!

For the last two days was able to verify that the danger he poses. Is that so?

This is some kind of terrible gene doping? It gives incredible gains results? No, of course! But in the fight against the global scourge of doping is a much more urgent matters. Development of new types of growth hormones, for example. That is what really has become a headache for the world anti-doping services. But started Meldonium. And how, you know? Not studied its properties, as is usually the case (studied strength and endurance, stimulating effect on the nervous system and so on), they checked about 15 000 samples in North America and Europe. Each sample costs about 400-500 dollars. Now we multiply them by 15 000 and receive only $ 7 million in U.S. currency! Good «grantek» turned out, really, given the previous figures of 80-100 thousand.

Only on the territory of the United States is taken over 10,000 samples, statistics open. And then suddenly another giant in size and cost (!) a study on the drug that actually is not interesting to American sports. It is not relevant and is not dangerous. And imagine, all these works are carried out in the shortest possible time. Further events are moving with lightning speed. In the summer of 2015 WADA were presented. In the USA the drug is taken 2 percent of athletes, and in Eastern Europe — 17. Not to ban him? The argument is simple: it is used. And the figure of 15 000 samples, frankly, is surprising: it must be a huge army of the doping officers! Must be heavy duty laboratory. In Russia has had a comparable number of tests for the whole year, we have 3 shifts of people working. In one of the most powerful laboratories in the world, by the way!

— And when sounded the first alarms?

In September it became known that Meldonium is about to be banned. And that fall we fell RUSADA, the national anti-doping Agency. To finish this topic has already been no one. We had to send letters to warn physicians, collect, conference, thundering throughout Russia, but it was not before. Who’s getting financed? The baseball players and football players-the Americans just … And just a question: why with such speed work WADA? Why is the main argument was the statistics? Often the cure is to ban it. Creatine (one of the forms of carboxylic acids, effective in sports the drug is. — «MK») is exactly the same prohibit. It’s still consuming more.

And Meldonium, of course, was a ritual in the preparation of Russian sports medicine. And to «tear a root», it takes commitment. And one note from September 30 of last year unable to turn this huge tanker, over many years gained enormous momentum. And let’s not forget that no one has examined: the period for which the drug is excreted, how long can stay in the body? If its derivatives in adipose tissue you will get, very long.

Perhaps now it is clear who was interested in all this history and who funded the development? I repeat: I’m not a fan of conspiracy theories, but in this case, an impressive effort by opponents of medication are such that they do not correspond to the potential dangers of this drug.

— The question remains: whom in Russia to answer the call? If to call things by their names, it’s just negligence!

— We in Russia there is a long tradition to ask the question «who is guilty?» and «what to do». With emphasis on the first part of the formula. The essence of sport is that it is a huge business, consisting of often antagonistically configured to each other structures. This is a national Federation for sports, and their regional divisions and also clubs, schools of the Olympic reserve… it was Certainly the duty of our anti-doping services: to ring out to all, to all around, to anticipate a negative situation on each floor of this large structure. Assess all the risks, to warn of danger and, by the way, quickly understand: what if the drug that is not excreted from the body for a long time? But to do this now we can’t. Because the main laboratory is not functioning. And will have to make Herculean efforts to this work to resume.