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BMW 335i with a carbon fiber body kit from Vorsteiner


Almost all of the modern tuning shops offer their customers a huge range of options: a variety of colors, materials, shapes and many other parameters. In spite of this, a number of popular models often modify the same template with minimal differences. The latest instance is the BMW 335i in the performance Vorsteiner is definitely not part of the list: California’s master decided to drop the standard tuning of the 335i.

The first that catches the eye is the elegance and thoughtfulness of design BMW. All the new parts the car is made from strong and durable composite material that is a prepreg. As additional elements staff has used Vorsteiner carbon fiber – the perfect material for light kits. Despite the smooth lines of the new aerodynamic bodywork, the car began to look more aggressive than its original version. To understand this, just look at the original front bumper BMW 335i with streamlined, but not «feminine» forms.

As «shoes» for the German auto Vorsteiner used my set of custom forged wheels V-FF 103 dimensions 20/8,5 in front and 20/10 rear. A graphite finish gives the wheels need contrast, perfectly fitting into a composition of colors.

Small changes were made to the car’s performance. 335i – not the newest BMW model, but Vorsteiner «rocked» this instance up to 300 BHP This gave the German auto good potential in accelerating: the barrier of 100 km/h the car overcomes in 4.8 sec.