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The accusation of social networks in financial aid to terrorists will cause new restrictions

photo: morguefile.com

«This can become an excuse and even a reason for pressure, unfortunately, — said the «MK» financial Ombudsman Pavel Medvedev. – Due to the fact that the speed of information transmission has become a great, and cost little, unfortunately, it is necessary to control the transfer of information, sadly for the people with democratic beliefs. This will have to accept. Unfortunately, our legislation, which controls the transfer of money, is bad. There is a suspicion that it was written not entirely in good faith. There is, apparently, my fault. When it was created, I was a Deputy and resisted, but not effective enough. There are a lot of holes in this legislation. Once I used it and transferred the money with an explanation why. I wrote that it was a bribe. And money passed, no one I no complaints filed. Chikhanchin at me makes a very good impression. It’s official in the best sense of the word. It accurately follows the instruction. Another thing that is not very much».

«We are talking about payment systems — explained «MK» blogger Anton Nosik. – The story is very simple, as with all nudecam about terrorists. All the surveillance and all restrictions, all restrictions that can invent the Internet, it is absolutely not affect anyone except law-abiding citizens. If people want to encrypt, then pass those laws by which they cannot become encrypted, nobody will be able. This is ridiculous and stupid. You need to understand that we have an election year that the majority of deputies in the Duma no one personally didn’t vote. They have their place in the state Duma are required dedicated hardware to be included in the list of highly visited areas. They have a way to prove to the authorities its coolness and usefulness. He’s the only one to pay attention to the next fight with the external and internal enemy. The Internet is quite high in the list of «enemies», so our legislators such a serious competition, who will propose a law banning something on the Internet, more people wrote about him in the press. Further references are monitored, and increases the citation index of the legislators. It’s their football. No actual information about what this or that terrorist organization was funded through the online payment system, I haven’t seen. I do not exclude that terrorists can use the payment system on the Internet. Terrorists are human beings on two legs, they can travel with us in one metro station, to include clients with one us operator, they can use the payment systems».