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The study showed that the low men and overweight women earn less

photo: morguefile.com

In the study, researchers collected data on height, weight and genetic makeup, as well as the salary and skills of 120 thousand people in the UK. As a result, the experts came to the conclusion that the wages of men may have a negative impact slight increase, while the wages of women are overweight, reports the Daily Mail.

The study showed that two men with the same specialty, equally developed skills and education in the same higher salary, in all probability, will get more stalwart of them. The difference in three inches (about 7.6 centimeters) will be «worth» a second on the average 1,5 thousand feet sterling per year (approximately 2 thousand dollars or 150 thousand rubles). The same amount, according to the study, «lose» woman who weighs 6.4 kilograms his more professional colleagues.

According to experts, it has been known that low and overweight people, on average, poorer than tall and thin. However, the nature of this relationship still was not entirely clear. Many were of the opinion that poor people can have the worst figure and even less growth due to more difficult living conditions and improper diet. In the new study, researchers hoped to determine whether money problems cause of low growth or excess weight, or causal relationship should be build in the reverse direction.

After analyzing the genetic data of the participants in the experiment, the scientists were able to figure out which one of them was by nature was not tall or prone to obesity. Comparing these data with information about the salary of people, the scientists concluded that height and weight are low income and not Vice versa. Moreover, the authors expressed confidence that if they could in order to reduce the experiment of a man three inches and send it to get a job, his salary would be $ 1.5 thousand pounds less.

Experts note that it is in any case not on the General rule — in the study, they were confronted with a number of highly successful low men and women. However, a trend requires attention, sitout scientists.

The scientists published their research in a scientific publication British Medical Journal.