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The Professor laughed at «electric dope» for athletes

photo: morguefile.com

The principle of operation of the device, «disguised» under headphones, is, as written in his article American startups from science, is the impact on certain parts of the cerebral cortex responsible for motor skills, and activation in her nervous cells.

As a result, the use of this device during training, according to the inventors, resulted in a significant advantage for those who used the control group of athletes (they were asked to practice jumping on an unstable platform).

Such a Frank demonstration of electrocopying (a device, incidentally, was invented in 2013, but only now his description appeared in the serious scientific journal) was indignant the head of the International sports press Association (AIPS) Gianni Merlo. He called electrical stimulation of the brain «new weapons of the Olympians». And the developers are advised by the International Olympic Committee to track the athletes who buy their headphones.

All this is pure speculation on the ignorance of most people far from knowledge of physics and biology, — says Sergey Savel’ev. — The electromagnetic field can’t boost our speed or endurance. With the same success I would advise the IOC members who care about the «purity» of athletes, to prohibit all electrical devices that surround athletes, for example, mobile phones and televisions. If you follow the logic biomedical engineers from San Francisco, where stronger might affect the cortical field of the tomograph. And you think sports specialists wouldn’t take it on Board then? But the fact that it is, alas, only disrupts the coordination after the test, and does not stimulate. Similar studies were carried out in our country. In the USSR 70-ies there was a whole Institute of physiotherapy, where it was held more than a thousand studies on the effects of different currents and the muscles and the brain. But no noticeable breakthrough in the field of improving the physical abilities of the person there and not received.