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Russian expert estimated the detention of the organizer of terrorist attacks in Paris Salah of Abdeslam

photo: youtube.com

Salah Abdeslam

Initially the operation was started with the aim to neutralize Abdeslam — the main suspect in the French attacks. The RAID was planned after the capture of other terrorists, fingerprints of Abdeslam were found in one of the apartments.

The operation began with the fact that riot police threw tear gas first floor of one of the houses in Molenbeek Brussels commune fauré. Residents of the area were evacuated. According to messages of the Western press, a massive retaliatory firing was a surprise to commandos. In a shooting injuring four policemen and two suspects managed to escape.

How professional were the French and Belgian police who conducted the RAID, and why in the carefully prepared operation failed to arrest all the criminals? To this question we replied the Chairman of the police Union of Moscow Mikhail Pashkin:

«I think we they would not run, would be detained. The fact is that for the police that Belgium, France, such events terrorist acts, detention, shootings — events out of the ordinary. When they happened something like that, not even remember. Therefore, they have absolutely no experience. And at us it happens all the time, our guys from SWAT who have passed Afghanistan, Chechnya, and doing it well know how to prepare the operation, someone to check, through which manholes the criminals can go where and how to put a cordon. Hopefully, after this surgery some experience the Belgians will show up, but better them next time our children are invited to carry out such raids».