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Ill-fated property

photo: Ivan Skryplev

Finally in apartment buildings overhaul decided to do. Although we had thought — it doesn’t mean started. Say, in twenty years will start, when money is collected.

Well and anything terrible, before the same twenty years no money was collected, it was believed that so well. What house to dilapidation and accident came to the settle started. It would be with the others just to wait, but, probably, has estimated that the prospects are few. In Karelia, for example, only 11 per cent of the houses were settled, for which the Governor reprimanded the President took. And in the TRANS-Baikal territory generally people seem to have nowhere to relocate, because there the head of the region to resign immediately sent.

With those who fell under the demolition, money is not something that the overhaul, even at current no one picks up. Read how to owners who in country cottages settled. But there could be as fortunate, when privatization began.

Now, as the leader who led our country to the privatization, the main thing to start or to begin. And then there are these apartment buildings without repair, just keep showing up. Some new, some not, some flats have been privatized, others are not. In short, some farm, especially if you take the common areas.

As a result, the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of construction, and at the same time, joined by the Ministry of justice decided that the collectivist principles can be applied not only to a single house, but on the whole the housing stock is to raise money in one pile, and there too, the regional Fund will decide what and when to repair.

Oh, to know schedule in advance, it would be flats to buy and sell money to make it. Only as for the silence of the heads of these funds and the members of the management huge salaries began to set in Smolensk 340 thousand rubles a month, in Khanty-Mansiysk — almost a million. And less not, very much vzyatkoemkie place turned out. And then the people complain that, say, the contributions for the repair of very large. And with such inflation, which is still unknown how things will go, might take a little. It is not excluded that the money in 2040 are generally only a couple of houses can be repaired.

In General, say, if we had a government they struck an unmusical note works — smoothly, at the same time the cadastral cost of housing has adopted this, as if there were not repaired, and eurocapital repairs already made. Citizens don’t realize this, you start to sue, it’s, like, three million lawsuits filed. The courts initially Complainants willingly supported, and then slowed down too much, the tax base falls.

And the Ministry of economic development and then offers to go a collective: if one person in the house proves that the inflated price of the apartment, you have the cost of all apartments in the house to count. Indeed, there is nothing to deal with them, it’s not factories, airports or shopping malls, which bring profit. This specific kind of property, from which some costs.

Maybe it’s the first bell to the fact that the private property we do cancel? But it already a question to the Constitutional court, which for the past two weeks breaking my head over a parliamentary inquiry about payment for overhaul. And for another two weeks, probably will have to break, because the Holy of holies — on market fundamentals repairers encroached.

I wonder how this will end. Those who are older, like us, are unlikely to survive. And the youth learn. Maybe the collected money new homes will begin to build, as old as they endure the accident rate as it is now. At least in their place, closer to the center of the city, you can not ill-fated, and private property to build that type of entertainment.

Semen Semenych



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Vladimir Kafanov


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