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For male infertility need to be surveyed at doctors of different specialties

The inability of a man to be a father, of course, requires a serious effort to try to get rid of infertility. However, the representatives of the stronger sex, having fertility issues, it is advisable to be examined by an endocrinologist.

Some time ago, scientists from the United States (USA) and Switzerland (Switzerland) almost simultaneously and independently from each other found that male infertility is associated with reduced life expectancy. However, those researches were observational, that is, observational in nature, and their purpose was not the establishment of specific reasons for the detected phenomena.

Some clarity on this issue contributes new scientific work, which was performed by Swedish scientists from clinics at the University of the district of skåne in malmö (Skåne University Hospital, Malmö).

They carefully examined 192 men under the age of 50 years who were treated for infertility at this hospital, and compared the obtained data with the results of a survey of 199 men who had no problems with fertility (control group).

The researchers found that, compared with the control group in the experimental group the number of participants with reduced levels of male sex hormones was more than 7 times.

Among subjects suffering from infertility also had significantly more men with reduced bone density and with increased levels of glucose in the blood.

The decrease in the density of bone tissue involves the risk of serious fractures, and the high concentration of glucose can be a sign of beginning diabetes 2-go type.

The authors of the study suggest that all male patients attending the clinic of reproductive medicine in connection with problems with conceiving a child, it is not only treat for infertility but also to send the survey to determine hormonal levels and the presence of metabolic diseases.

This integrated approach will improve the results of infertility treatment and help avoid other serious health problems.