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The history of the tour Dima Bilan included in textbooks on jurisprudence

It all started with the fact that one of the fans of Dima Bilan has published on his page in instagram a screen—shot from the textbook on jurisprudence, where in the section «Crime and criminal responsibility» means task number 31. It says:

«While touring with Dima Bilan in the Upper Pigma Kate Bulkina entered the dressing room of the artist. Being an enthusiastic fan of creativity of the singer, she decided to borrow something from his closet that bore the imprint of the body of the idol. Kate heap of things chose blue socks of his idol, with whom he was detained a vigilant guard at the exit from the dressing room. Question: did Kate Bulkina crime? Open concept of «the insufficiency of the act.»

Bilan saw this message with his fans, the census is immediately to your page and signed (quotation marks are not changed): «(tell me what textbook?) And here is the problem! By the way, I didn’t ask the one who made me the perfect person, with contour real or invented situation and then solve this problem!)) I’m not perfect in the book, and if I requested something, please genre; fiction with elements of horror/ ballad+of fantasy/ poem +with elements of farce// detective .. and so on, but do not approximate the rules of life by which Nada to compare the standards!»

Photos published bilanofficial (@bilanofficial) Mar 1 2016 at 7:20 am PST

Publishing a post, Dima received another screen. This time, in the pages of the textbook in English, students were asked to study the biography of the singer.

Photos published bilanofficial (@bilanofficial) 1 Mar 2016 11:20 PST

And a couple days later, the resourceful journalists had taken the initiative and came up with tasks in mathematics, physics, Russian language, chemistry and geography associated with the name of the singer. And subsequently published it in the newspaper. One of the tasks reads as follows:

«Crown jump Dima Bilan lasts 2.5 seconds. During this time, his legs lifted from the floor to a height of 1 meter and 60 cm In the jump, he bends his knees. Question: What is the distance during the jump goes his head and at what speed, if it is known that its growth 182см, and leg length – 92 cm?»

Discouraged singer, commented on this:

«Well…. And I’m still not ordered so,» he signed Dima posted a picture with the tasks. And added that if anyone should find his name in any of the tasks or textbooks, then immediately sent to the artist.