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Neuroscientists: the female brain works more efficiently for men

photo: morguefile.com

Scientists have conducted psychological test, which involved 59 women and 45 men aged from 18 to 27 years, after which scanned the brains of these people. Specialists were interested in the relationship between the level of intelligence of participants and the size of their hippocampus, reports the Daily Mail.

As it turned out, was more than the male hippocampus, the average higher was the level of his intellect. This was due to the fact that more neurons allows the men to process more information. However, the female brain, as it turned out, was arranged a little differently – sometimes with a high level of intelligence was linked relatively small hippocampus. Experts suggest that women with smaller hippocampus nerve cells are located more densely to each other, allowing information to be processed faster and with less energy.

This scientific work was not the only thing affecting the topic of women and men ahead of International women’s day. Another group of scientists from Stockholm University, found that men who choose wives of educated women live longer. By the way, the specialists of the University of Innsbruck in Austria and North-Western University in the USA found that in recent time, men prefer smart women are beautiful.

Another study was recently carried out by Russian scientists from Tomsk state University. Experts managed to find that women are quicker to process the information that contains words with strong positive overtones – for example, the words in the diminutive, such as «pretty» reports riatomsk.ru. At the same time words with negative overtones (e.g., «son of») women perceive slower than men.