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The environment that is killing us: new data from the who

Only the second time in the history of who it has published a special report on the mortality of the population of the planet from the effects of environmental factors. Every year poor environment is a cause of quarter of all deaths in the world.

According to a special report prepared by the staff of the world health organization (who), one in four deaths of inhabitants of the planet is directly related to the action of environmental factors.

In this case, the term «environment» is used in a broader sense than usual – in the report who is indicated not only atmospheric air, soil, forests and water resources, but also, for example, working conditions in the office.

Who began to carry out such studies a few years ago and was previously published just one report on this topic.

The new document contains an analysis of the causes of death of inhabitants of the planet in 2012.

The authors of the report inform that in that year the bad conditions of life and work were responsible for the deaths of 12.6 million people worldwide, is 23% of all deaths in 2012.

The report emphasizes that 846 000 inhabitants of the planet died from severe diarrhea of different origin – in this case the main culprit was pollution of water resources and lack of access to clean drinking water.

The most dangerous from the point of view of environmental pollution is Southeast Asia, where regular exposure to pollutants died of 3.8 million people. In second place was the Pacific region where pollution caused 3.5 million deaths.

In Europe, environmental pollution is associated with 1.4 million deaths.

And the least dangerous region from this point of view are the countries of North and South America – 847 000 deaths from exposure to adverse environmental factors.

The authors of the report emphasize that improving the environment could prevent 1.7 million deaths of children under the age of 5 each year. At this age children are very susceptible to the pathogens of diarrhea and respiratory diseases.

«There is an urgent need to invest in projects that can reduce environmental risks in our cities, homes and workplaces», – is said in the report.