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The author of hits of «Bravo» began to sing in their group

The cover of the album «Viktor Vitaly» Songs. Photo courtesy of the press service of the artist.

Vitaly Tsvetkov familiar to listeners as the impresario, the co-author of several hits of the band «Bravo» («20th century», «Love burns») and the team leader of the «GPA» heading in the 1980s Novgorod the rock scene. In those fruitful for Russian rock times the debut album of Vitaly praised even Boris Grebenshikov, and in the 90s the creative tandem with Eugene Havana led the song «Bravo» to the top of the radio charts. New solo project of Vitaly Tsvetkov with a little strange, but intriguing title «Viktor Vitaly» came as a surprise to those familiar with the activities Tsvetkov. Its members include current and former members of «Bravo», «Metropolis» and «Underwood». Since the 1960-ies abroad such groups, brought together those who have been known to participate in other teams, called supergruppe. This is not only a compliment but also a responsibility: artists must live up to the expectations pre-assigned to them by fans. Will it make the team «Viktor Vitaly» time will tell, but the beginning is the debut album has already become good.

Although the name of the album — «Song» — and uncomplicated, it has its charm, even more is revealed when listening to things included in it. At the sound of a slight echo of translucent echoes of the melody of «Bravo», subtle shades appear idealistic retro heritage, some songs may cause someone to recall a session with a guitar around the campfire. The whole story consists of 12 parts tracks, sounds nostalgichno (which is the name of one of the songs «We were better»), but the artist, thank God, avoids depressingly-dull mood, in which many tend to become overly sensitive authors who have something to remember. It’s lightweight, quiet, sometimes ironic and intelligent pop-rock, somewhat naive, but not devoid of meaning and fresh conceptualization. The lyrical hero of the album — it seems, a hopeless romantic (which is not, however, lost his mind and didn’t go into excessive enthusiasm, cherishing private dreams), the spectator, consciously astrakianakis from just topical. The plate could be organic and unobtrusive soundtrack to a good movie with a happy ending like «Peter FM» or even the basis for a new musical in the style of «Singin’ in the rain». Leading topics — of course, love, past, present and the road. Perhaps that is why this is music that makes you want to walk on some previously unknown, small and quiet provincial city in the early spring or fall asleep, greasy about something pleasant.

The Project «Viktor Vitaly». Photo courtesy of the press service of the artist.

Unlike Vitaly Tsvetkov, the name Liza Khegai most of the public hears for the first time. The first video «Breathe» the same team with a bright and charismatic frontwomen at the head, which is fond of travelling and listening to a lot of different music from classical to R’n’b, released with the support of the label, working with such known artists as Tree and Burito. Less than a week, the clip has collected tens of thousands of views online that was a good result for the start of the career. The Director of the work was Kasura Rina, who has previously worked with Bravo, Brainstorm and other popular musicians. At the end of 2015 Liza Khegai recorded the album «Many is beautiful», the composer of several songs which became the leader of the team «GDR» Alexander Andreev. Also on the plate worked several talented sound producer: Alex Kolchin, DJ Aristocrat (worked with Imany, Liquideep, Noblesse Oblige), and Sergey Andronov, collaborated with the European stars dance Miami Kidz and Polyphormic and another good chorus. «Much perfect» — smart indie-pop with a good sound and thoughtful lyrics, an example of how pop music can be done efficiently and nontrivial. In the sound tracks the elements of live sound infused with electronic. Whimsical characters and rhymes (for example, in the track «Think») combined with the themes, emotions and experiences that are familiar and understandable to everyone. There is in the plate and its puzzles, hyperlinks to other works of art that need to be addressed and cause the listener to think. Liza Khegai have no claim to revolutionary, but there is a sense of taste and a desire to make current, stylish music, not hunted in the frame format.

Album cover Liza Khegai «Many fine». Photo courtesy of the press service of the artist.