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Dmitry Medvedev promised to pay for science

Photo courtesy of the «Scientific Russia»

Noting that civil studies in 2016 year is approximately 315 billion rubles, of them — on basic science, some applied, Medvedev promised, «as soon As the situation with the economy will improve, we will definitely get back to dofinansirovaniya entire areas» and added that by the end of the year the government hope to get more promising results.

More about money on science. As announced to the assembled academicians Medvedev, recently signed a government Resolution on approval of rules for granting subsidies to legal entities for the development of science and education. They will be distributed among young scientists, candidates and doctors of Sciences, leading scientific schools, will go for the payment of personal scholarships.

The Prime Minister noted that as a result of development of the normative base and practice of regulation of the relationship between the RAS and the Federal Agency of scientific organizations (FANO), finally «as a whole earned a principle «two keys» a», implying a scientific management science from the Russian Academy of Sciences, and financial — on the part of FANO. The only trouble is that scientists say the opposite. Here for example, we answered the question of how science is managed in Russia, the President of the Siberian branch of RAS, academician Alexander ASEEV:

— The principle of two keys not working. FANO, is the only founder of scientific organizations, that is, they are under its control, including science. Here is a clear contradiction with the regulations on scientific-methodical management of wounds. In General, as we now joke, the second key was from someone else’s house. And do you need like I did when combining two scientific funds of the RFBR and the RFH. In their merger is clearly written that the main founder is the Government of the Russian Federation, the founders — the Ministry of education and the Federal property management Agency. In respect of scientific organizations should be done the same thing — separate the functions of the founder, concerning their scientific and methodological guidelines, should be ran.