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The organizer of the Paris terrorist attacks of Abdeslam in prison were attacked by another fanatic

Left — nemmush Mehdi, who was right — Salah

As reported by the Flemish edition of Het Nieuwsblad, Abdeslam is now in the prison of Bruges. After being wounded in the leg during the arrest, he moves on solitary confinement on crutches, he was not allowed to watch TV (some prisoners have permission to do so).

It turned out that the camera Abdeslam near the camera another terrorist, 31-year-old Mehdi Namusa, citizen of France, who in may 2014 was arrested for the massacre at the Jewish Museum of Brussels, then from shots from a Kalashnikov killed four people. Namusa arrested in Marseille and handed over to Belgium.

Flemish journalists write that Nemus was only able to speak with the «youngest» Abdeslam in prison. Not only that, he watched TV and told him about the Brussels terrorist attacks. Nemus threats banned Abdeslam anything to tell investigators (earlier it was reported that Abdeslam began to actively cooperate with the investigation).

About the features of «strict regime» prison in Bruges can be judged on one episode: after the arrest of Salah Abdeslam there was a message in his name. Prison authorities panicked and called for reinforcements — however, it appeared that in the envelope is a trivial letter from the sister of Abdeslam.