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Spartak woke up

photo: Michael Evseev

It is extremely bright held a reporting tour all the same CSKA, long Grushevskii about the defeat on the banks of the don and again demonstrated the main quality that allows them with frightening regularity rivals to claim the championship medals of the higher test.

Have fun this weekend and Spartak, those shipped in gate «Anzhi» 4 unanswered goals and once again forced fans red and white with hope to talk about the game occasionally manifested. But to overestimate Makhachkala the victory of the wards Dmitry Alenicheva just not worth it. This original team, as in the famous painting by Francisco Goya, the sleep of reason may occur in the most unexpected audience.

Hope allows us to look past the tour and for the next game of the team. In our category unprecedented event: 8 of 11 participants — candidates for the team of Leonid Slutsky. Usually, what to hide, legionaries in our top polyuronic sets numerically dominate local.

Yuri Lodygin («Zenith») — 7 points

For once the Zenit defence deserves no less praise than attack. The goalkeeper of Petersburgers, of course, was not the only hero of the match, but his confident game in the box deserves special praise. And even after hitting the save Mollo when Yuri first repulsed, and then covered the ball, which, except in the gate already and had nowhere to go — and at present football masterpiece.

Zhivoglyadov Dmitry («Dynamo») — 7

The young Dynamo has attracted attention in the first part of the championship. This time he became one of the most active in the opposition half of the field. Not the most colorful game it is white-blue with the help of Dima sparkle with new colors. Own goal for the white-Blues conceded, but with its direct responsibilities, the player managed to «excellent».

Alexey and Vasily Berezutsky (CSKA) — 7,5+7

A pair of brothers Berezutsky after a long break, played in the centre of the CSKA defense that can not but rejoice Leonid Slutsky, whose variability appears in the Central zone not only at the club and national team. Played a Duo of brothers brilliantly, not allowing a single mistake, not allowing competitors not just to create for 90 minutes a single scoring chance, but at least to put at least one shot on goal. Alex before the woodwork to get.

Yuri Zhirkov («Zenit») — 7

The age that player is not a hindrance. That season, we bid farewell to a Jura at the fair, and he plays. The emergence of Zhirkova in «Zenith» great increase the ability to maneuver the team especially in attack where connect Yuri look every time logical, but unexpected for the opponent. Game and zero defense — an indication that the selection of the player to act doesn’t forget.

Romulo (Spartak) — 7

Not to mention not a single player of «Spartak» in the Central line according to the results of the reporting round, it would be rudeness. It is clear that the opponent in Makhachkala was not ready to such pressure, but is it a wine red-white? So in the reference area sent the Brazilian midfielder, who with their work in the game with «Anji» managed to «excellent».

Alan Dzagoev (CSKA) — 7

Assist and hard work — perhaps the classic Alan for the current record in the Premier League. And this time the midfielder was a key figure in the team of Slutsky.

Oleg Ivanov (Terek) Is 6.5

A stunning goal in gate «Ural mountains» brought the team of Oleg victory. Hence slightly underestimated.

Alexander Samedov (Lokomotiv) — 8

The undoubted leader of the train attack. Again scored and his team won again. The goal came on a feast for the eyes.

Ze Luis («Spartak») — 8

Portuguese is not in vain promised the coaching staff and fans that during the winter training camp special attention is given to goal-scoring chances. And here the quantity is turning into quality. 2 goals in Makhachkala, including victorious, flew into the goal after Eugene Anointed beats ze Luis.

Ahmed Musa (CSKA) — 8

Forward of CSKA scored in this match by double, having once again confirmed the status of the red-blue attacks and bringing CSKA another 3 points.