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Librarians rebelled against working day to ten PM

The other day in Moscow approved the project, according to which all Metropolitan libraries will run on a single to the following schedule until 22:00. The authorities felt that the old behavior is not adapted to modern conditions. Many Muscovites just don’t have time to use their services because working in the offices of late. The innovation must increase the attendance book institutions and, accordingly, to increase the level of knowledge of citizens. However, librarians themselves against. And bring adequate arguments.

My mom is a professional librarian, she graduated from the University in this specialty and can give a professional assessment of current events — says Muscovite Anastasia Lavrentyeva. But the reality is that such changes will lead to the destruction of libraries. After all, who works there? Retirees or family people. Who wants to come home late on dark streets? What family would agree to have their mom or grandmother later worked in the room, even where there is no protection?

The staff of the reading room on the Novatorov street also claim that all regular readers have time to go over the books to 19.00. Then the building is immersed in the silence, God forbid if you go one person something to photocopy.

I work 17 years in the same library in a beautiful, friendly, cohesive team, and I love my work, says the problem is Yelena Grinchuk. — Schedule-22.00 and Saturday and Sunday are not satisfied with our team anybody. The protection we have, and scared to go home through the dark streets in winter. In addition, they all have families. Why are we being discriminated against? Our patience is not endless!

The government’s initiative to increase the burden on librarians not match orchestrated by the same redundancy. It’s not just the chart. For example, recently introduced a new computer program, you must master all librarians. But the elderly with the computer on «you». For example, in the institution on the Novatorov street program was able to learn only the mother of Anastasia. And now she has to make it to the database a hundred books every day. This work is serious and meticulous and takes a lot of time, considering the daily routine.

In libraries that experiment worked according to the following schedule since last summer, also has not seen innovation in any sense. Contrary to predictions, the experts are not only faced with the influx of visitors, and Vice versa, were forced to get unexpected visitors.

At this time people come to us to warm the homeless and the teenagers-gamers who need an affordable Internet — people complain about one of the institutions of CAO, . Libraries can be made available and visited, increasing their prestige, people’s interest in reading, rather than increasing hours without extra charge.

Librarians have prepared a petition in which the authorities offered a compromise — to work according to the following schedule only once or twice a week. In this case, the workaholics who at night wants to read a paper book, get the opportunity. And library staff will be on duty till 22.00 in turn. The parents were potential users of children’s libraries do not support the idea of authorities. First, no sane parent would let their child to the library so late; secondly, little children 21 hours already getting ready for bed; thirdly, on the nose of the summer holidays, which means that institutions will lose most of its audience.