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766-horsepower BMW M6 convertible from Noelle Motors


Not so long ago German tuning company Noelle Motors took the latest version of the BMW M6 convertible. The workshop is headed by Karl-Otto Noelle, former head of the BMW group in the engine development. The result is a 4.4-liter M6 engine got crazy percentage gains: power of the German convertible was increased to 766 HP Upgrades tuning package includes mechanical and electronic transformation of the engine and some external changes.

In the original layout of the BMW eight-cylinder engine produces 575 «horses» and 860 Nm. Noelle Motors offers owners of the convertibles three sets of upgrades. The last, third set, raises the power up to 766 HP and torque — up to 882 Nm. It should be noted that the main reason for this rise was the optimization of electronics and the installation of a new exhaust system with sport catalytic converters.

Software update includes the removal of the speed limiter that allows you «patched» the engine to disperse the car to 345 km/h. Interestingly, the vehicles with these characteristics are illegal in Germany, so Noelle Motors offer two weaker tuning package. These «legal» kits, break up the figures a little less, but still give an impressive 700 HP