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Revealed the identity of Banksy

British scientists have unveiled the identity of Banksy’s most famous street artist in the world. Experts from Queen Mary College, University of London were able to confirm the assumption from 2008 that under the mask Banksy lurks a graduate of the public schools in Bristol Robin Cunningham. Now, if the police are interested in the personality of Cunningham, he will face serious responsibility for painting walls with graffiti.

To the news, beginning with the words «British scientists…», tend to treat everything with skepticism, but this time, it seems really managed to make the opening. Experts from Queen Mary College, University of London figured out Banksy’s most popular street artist in the world. According to the method of geographical profiling — a systematic analysis of the places where the graffiti artist created their work.

A similar method is used, in particular, police hunting for serial killers: the method of geographic profiling assumes that offenders commit offences close to their place of residence. Accordingly, the analysis of the geography of crime can detect the place of residence of the attacker, and the places he often visits.

To detect Banksy scientists attracted criminologists and ex-detectives from several countries. The basis of the study adopted the hypothesis that Banksy is a graduate of the public schools in Bristol Robin Cunningham, about which the media wrote six years ago. In the sample of scientists were 140 works in London and Bristol, belonging to a street artist. During the analysis it became clear that their locations coincide with the pubs, football pitches and home addresses where he lived or often visited Cunningham.

The authors of the study «On the heels of Banksy: the method of geographic profiling for the study of modern art mystery» confidence that their experience can be applied to the analysis of «minor crimes associated with terrorism», which, in their opinion, are graffiti.

It is assumed that geographic profiling could help to prevent more serious crimes, including terrorism-related.

«If you compare Google Banksy and Cunningham, you will receive about 43.5 thousand matches. We had ten most likely suspects, but it quickly became obvious that it is necessary to consider only one candidate, and now everyone knows who it is,» said «Bi-bi-si» one of the study’s authors Steve Le Comber. He also admitted that he has long been a fan of Banksy, and had seen under his mask hides Robin Cunningham.

If research interested in law enforcement, Cunningham will be charged with «criminal vandalism» — so in the UK are considered graffiti. It is known that lawyers Banksy contacted the authors and tried to figure out how exactly the scientists ‘ conclusions will be presented in the media. Because such surveillance can be regarded as a violation of the right to privacy.

Banksy has repeatedly caught, imprisoned and «unmasked», but until now his identity has remained a mystery. The assumption that under the guise of Banksy’s hiding Robin Cunningham, appeared in 2008. Learned his former school mates at the photo that was taken several years ago in Jamaica, when the artist worked on his next piece. Banksy, of course, hastened to refute this information.

Publication Mail on Sunday, who spent a year to investigate the identity of Banksy, wrote that the family of Robin and his wife joy Millward leads the life of these hermits: they had little contact with neighbors and relatives of the couple only know that her husband earns his living, illustrating cookbooks and makes the design for the award ceremonies — this was allegedly explained by his frequent absences. It is curious that the wife of Banksy — one of the main critics of the British establishment at the time — worked in a group that lobbied for the interests of charities in the British Parliament.

Banksy started doing graffiti in the late 1990-ies and quite a long time acted as a regular writer (street artist), but over time, his drawings became bigger, and get away from the police he was getting harder. One day, hiding from the police, Banksy decided to start using stencils to save time. And the beginning was given the unique style of Banksy — monochrome pictures (often with some bright or detail text in red letters) on sharp social themes. The original card Banksy were the images of rats. One of my friends Banksy suggested that this animal, the artist chosen by chance — the word «rat» (rat) is an anagram of the word «art» («art»).

However, in his book «Wall and Piece» Banksy admitted that this fact «came» to him years later, after he began to represent a rodent on the walls of cities.

The word «rat» (rat) is an anagram of the word «art» («art»)

Having started his artistic career in the English city of Bristol, Banksy significantly in recent years expanded and created unique masterpieces of graffiti in London, new York, Barcelona, Berlin, tel Aviv and dozens of cities around the world.

His work is now so popular that they are cut out together with the walls and sold for hundreds of thousands of dollars at international auctions

Graffiti «Slave labour» Banksy cut from walls and sold on a private auction

Recently Banksy is not limited to graffiti and is also engaged in large-scale performances and installations — last year, the artist opened the Park «Disbaled» (from the English dismal, which means «gloomy», a kind of anti-Disneyland).

In addition, in 2011, Banksy was nominated for the award «Oscar» for best documentary «Exit through the gift shop», tells not so much about Banksy, but about the rise of artist Thierry Guetta alias Mr. Shrink (Mr. Brainwash). By the way, after the release of this movie there are countless theories regarding the identity of Banksy: the fans were trying to find in a movie «Easter egg» that could lift the veil of secrecy, and some believed that Thierry Guetta is Banksy. Before that there were rumors that the «world» of Banksy works as a butcher, and under the pseudonym Banksy is a large group of artists.