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Rastorguev «lube» was the Crimean Cossack

photo: Mikhail Zubov

Nikolay Rastorguev in Simferopol (center).

For the winners of the popular uprising of the Crimeans who have achieved of a referendum on self-determination of the Republic, his songs have become anthems. Naturally, in the celebration of the two-year anniversary of the annexation of Crimea Rastorguev became the most welcome guest of the Peninsula. Among the first who met him, were local journalists and fighters of the people’s self-defense of the Crimea, in other words – polite people. The chieftain of the Crimea Sergey Akimov presented N. V. honorary sign and chevrons of the Cossack army. «Thank you so much for supporting us,» said the singer’s former militia. And after this the actor said a few words «MK.

The famous singer does not re-evaluate your contribution to the victory of the Crimeans. Yes, he sang on the barricades, but sees itself as a witness of the deeds, and not as a hero. And he is not afraid of Western sanctions that may be applied to him personally for performance in the Crimea. Alas, many of the artists they wanted to see at the festival in honor of the reunification of Crimea with Russia, are unable to come, fearing that it will upset their European tour.

«I sing wherever I like, I was in the Crimea two years ago in a referendum — said «MK» Rastorguev. — Ukraine after that show scared scared me as a threat not to let into their country. And I’m not particularly asked. As in Europe. I speak Russian sing. Europe does not understand, why would I want to go there»?

«Crimea is our sanctuary — continues the musician. I could never believe that we have been robbed or stole. And I am very pleased that the citizens of Crimea regained the right to return Home, to Russia».

Rastorguev has refused to take the fee for the intervention in Crimea.