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Physicists have detected a particle, perevorachivayutsya understanding of the Universe

photo: morguefile.com

The first rumors about the existence of particles that do not fit in the Standard model, but relevant to some theories within the so-called «New physics» that emerged at the end of last year. Some time later, after the information about potential opening leaked to the Internet, it is partly confirmed by the experts working with the two detectors of the Large hadron Collider CMS and ATLAS. As then it became known, experiments on shortly before this updated TANK has led to the emergence of the «extra» pairs of photons with an energy of 750 GeV. However, physicists immediately made a reservation that the results require careful validation.

This time, scientists announced the discovery more confidently — new data, they said, indicate that the two detectors receive the TANK signals were not a mistake or coincidence. If the existence of a particle is confirmed definitively, it will become an absolute record for its mass, greatly surpassing in this indicator as the Higgs boson, and the previous «record holder» — top quark.

The standard model is a structure describing the electromagnetic, weak and strong interactions of all elementary particles. On it built a huge presentation of modern scientific ideas about the world, however today it is becoming increasingly clear that in some aspects it is inaccurate. In particular, the opening for which in the past year, the canadian Arthur McDonald and the Japanese Takaaki Kajita was awarded the Nobel prize, indirectly implies the existence of the neutrino masses that the Standard model does. New boson could be another proof of the imperfection of this system of assumptions.