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In schools held lessons «antiscratch»

photo: Natalia Muslinkina

All teachers of social studies in the capital will host a series of seminars, and then spend in classes, the lessons will tell the children about the tactics and strategies of missionaries extremists.

Everything starts small, thinks zavlab of education and socialization of children the Institute for the study of childhood, family and upbringing RAO Igor Metlik:

Teenage always want to be not like others, be different, stand out. And on this background they are very easy to attract membership to some secret private community.

Since teachers are constantly in the children’s environment, they need to learn to notice the danger signs that indicate that the child was under someone’s influence. They need to pay attention to the typical «at risk» of closed, uncommunicative children who are bullied peers. It to them by experienced psychologists, which are the recruiters of extremists and zealots, easily pick up the keys.

Children treated with pseudo-religious recruiters, expressed in conversations and in social networks very specific things. For example, intolerance of traditional religions, which is driven in the first place, as traditional religion are the major competitors of the sectarians.

— Not everyone knows that the zealots are trying very publicly to get into the system of education, — says Igor Metlik. — Of course, now is not the nineties, but the danger of those troubled times and today was compensated by the development of the Internet…

And, of course, important educational work is the counter-propaganda. We need to teach children to notice the absurdity of rhetoric «missionaries», to reveal the absurdities that they are. For example, to show that extremely absurd apocalyptic look of intimidation that I love many sects, they assign a clear date of the end of the world and other momentous events, and when announced comes to pass, easily change the «rules of the game» and as if nothing had happened amend or designate a new Apocalypse. All this can and should Troll and ridicule, by showing adolescents that cons of joining a «secret clan elite» is always greater than the supposed benefits.

Experts say that classic religion are the main opponents of destructive sects and extremist cults, so the leading tool of the «missionaries» is a lie, in which they mix classical religion and its installation.

Especially suffers from this quite traditional Russian Islam, says Professor of the chair of ethnopsychology and psychological problems of multicultural education, Moscow city psychological-pedagogical University Olga Pavlova. — The main reason why it is forbidden in our country, the organization «Islamic state» began to call exclusively DAYS, not ISIS, to stop normal discredit Islam, to which the ideology of the IG has not the slightest relationship! DAYS and its numerous clones are allegedly on behalf of Islam, izvratil it almost completely. However, their activity is efficient: the recruiters are hitting the most vulnerable group is teenagers and young people 16-25 years, 80% of which are tightened into groups and sects over the Internet. «Missionaries» know what teenagers romanticise and gerosimou illegal actions, legal nihilism, «otritsalovka» than attract active, but unable to realize itself in something positive for young people. Adults do not fully understand what those who are confused, need to actively support. Remember the story Varvara Karaulova: the girl was an unhealthy atmosphere in the family, and on this background it became easy prey to a recruiter. But when she returned from Turkey she fell again in the same atmosphere of loneliness, neglect and misunderstanding, and in addition, also under persecution — and after some time she again noticed at communication with a recruiter.