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Doping scandals: who knocked the breath sports of Russia

photo: pixabay.com

If not responsible — not responsible. Every doping case for us — a shock and a mystery. In the explanation of the incident included everything from «crazy» themselves athletes, unprofessional doctors to provocations from peers.

One is guilty will never be. Because there is a General atmosphere that permits and the other forbids, because «it can’t be never.» Sports of Russia of the inherent atmosphere of free-thinking. In the sense that who she wants and thinks. It is hoped that «wanted». But personal «wishlist» at public expense is unacceptable, and immoral.

You cannot prepare a top athlete without people, filled with knowledge. But it is impossible to keep this athlete in the world of professional sport, if he will improve their sports skills, only cherishing the naked the training process. A few years ago there was a tragedy with hockey player Cherepanov. Had a chance then to talk with the head of the laboratory of functional diagnostics and medical monitoring, all-Russian research Institute of physical culture and sports Faina Jordan.

«We need to protect all from the sport — the inability to live in it properly,» said A. Faina. These words should probably be the motto of each structure working in sport and for sport. Because well is a multi — tier system of liability, but not all — for the common end, and each — a summary of the work on his leg.

After all, what happened today with a number of elite athletes, may result in their death. The reason is the same: themselves pros, and surrounding the experts, from the heads to the artists have not learned to live in the sport competently.

Here is a fresh info: Jon Rudd, coach of Olympic champion in swimming, the location of Rue Malachite, called on the International swimming Federation to conduct an extensive investigation into the doping, at the same time expressing the hope that the four-time world champion Yuliya Efimova should be disqualified for life.

«Now there are questions on doping in several countries — let’s investigate, as in athletics: it will become clear who and what hides. To argue would be only those who have something to hide. FINA must remain credible, must show that its zero tolerance to doping, not only in words but also in deeds. Therefore, Efimov should be banned for life».

«So stupid to stop?..» — worried fans. Career two of the strongest athletes — Kulizhnikov and Efimova (especially these two because of the threat of excommunication from the sport in General) is in danger because of someone else’s negligence. And «smart» now nothing happens. Fix — does not prevent.

■ ■ ■

«All these issues should be the subject of the work of Federal and regional structures, public organizations. I ask the government to consider these and other issues to increase the efficiency of the national system of fight against doping and to present appropriate proposals», — said President Putin.

What to do — clear: to try to get out of this situation with minimal losses. For the country and for athletes. In the name of the country and in the name of sportsmen. Reputation will not increase, but at least the crumbs not to lose.

The second traditional and eternally «razmalyvanie» to bubbles question: who is to blame? Everything for the layman indistinct: the athlete (he is known to be responsible for what is found in the body), the doctor, the coach, the President of the Federation, the sports Ministry, OKR? Famous Rybinskoe: «Who made the suit?..»

There are written laws. The decree of the RF Government (from 2010) States: the responsible anti-doping RUSADA and MST. In the regulations of the Ministry of sports of the Russian Federation (from 2012) said the organization in a number of other functions, is responsible for the prevention of doping in sport and struggle against it, the Minister bears personal responsibility for performance assigned to the Ministry of power.

Personal responsibility for what happened Minister Vitaly Mutko has already assumed, even prior to the publication of case with Efimova: «As the head of the industry I am taking full responsibility for Kulizhnikov Paul, Catherine Bobrov; I share a collective responsibility and needs to be close to them. You have to understand that not worked, you need to create a system that protects against such things as top athletes. When not create her fall for Latvian drugs in Chinese… Its research activities in high performance sport must exist».

A famous saying about the kick and then grew wings, of course, work. Only the growth process needs to be fine-tuned. Here’s another recent information — and to reflections including: under the heading «Attention» RUSADA issued a list of drugs containing prohibited substance is Meldonium. Here is the list entirely — suddenly someone from sportsmen will see the names of the drugs in the paper before the necessary structures will bring to his attention?..

The list includes: angiocarpic, vasomax, vazonat, adrenal, cardionet, megaturn, Meldonium, Meldonium Organic, Meldonium-Sinergia, Meldonium-Eskom, of Meldonium dehydrate, melhor, Midyat, Mildronate, eltroxin, TPR, tizimin, timegreat, trimethylhydrazine propionate dihydrate, 3-(2,2,2-Trimethylhydrazine) propionate dehydrate.

It’s all clear. But in the message there is a final phrase, which is disappointing: «RUSADA said that the list is incomplete, Meldonium may also enter into the composition of other drugs.» In place of the coaches and athletes I would still be yelling, «Read out the whole list, please!» So, just in case.

What is to catch a strong country with a powerful run, should result in quick seconds? To force down breath. Russia has now beaten the breath. The list of allies on the international arena in all areas, including sport, is not so great. Many are configured as the same coach direct rival Yulia Efimova. And he doesn’t care what the substance is Meldonium and why would it eat? Only one thing is important: it is a prohibited substance. And he will talk about it on every corner — to shape public opinion and to demand punitive measures.

The IOC has just confirmed that Russia was able in this situation to correctly place accents: «This is a strong statement (of the President), which demonstrates a clear commitment of the Russian authorities to solve the problem of doping. We hope that this will facilitate the interaction of Russia with the world anti-doping Agency (WADA) and the International Association of athletics federations (IAAF) in order to protect clean athletes.»

This is a good sign that in recent times we are not much indulge. As well what is official announced in a joint statement, Thomas Bach and Alexander Zhukov principled position regarding the protection net doping of athletes, whose right to participate in the Olympic games shall be observed. In the diplomatic space we have in General not all that bad. Anyway, there is a very constructive cooperation of the IOC and ROC, including regular contacts at the highest level, including the most complex issues. The International Olympic Committee our point of view heard and seem ready to cooperate with Russia. Zhukov, for example, recently appointed head of the IOC Coordination Commission for the Games-2022, which is also a kind of indicator of the attitude.

■ ■ ■

When downed breath, it is important to control the pulse — not only his, but someone else’s. Lest, as with a deadly drug to us: the source of the «MK» claims that could have been avoided inclusion of Meldonium in the stop-list. But if before the Games in Sochi, the interaction of sport with WADA was very close, we then came some comfort. And it is not an area where you can relax even for a little while. Not the right mood. Was not able to calculate the possible scale of the event.

Oldoneeye bullets penetrated our armour. Was a bit thin. To increase in the months before the Games we’ll never make it. But a road map to be necessary. In principle, it already amounted to life, showing a vulnerability. Internal disputes is an internal affair. But it is necessary to live in sport science and have taught us a hard lesson. Other way but to learn it, no.