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Lexus LFA on Vossen Wheels rims from


Lexus LFA – Japanese supercar equipped with one of the most well-designed ten engines in the world. The real monster under the hood of the LFA works at a speed of 9000 rpm. The 4.8-liter engine used in the Lexus LFA, was borrowed from the Toyota car. He has repeatedly shown himself to Formula 1, surpassing the characteristics of many similar engines V10.

Besides the great feeling of driving a Lexus LFA, critics have noted his interesting and original design. Special attention experts devote a large rear wing, adjustable as the acceleration during the movement of the car. The unique design of the instance, described in our article, complemented by some interesting features. Chief among them was the beautiful set of disks from Vossen in a bronze-copper colour.

Not many owners of really expensive cars I like to Tinker with their «Pets» and ride them wherever and whenever you want. This Lexus, however, demonstrates the opposite: clearly, the owner doesn’t allow it to gather dust in the garage and gets from driving a great pleasure. This is also evidenced by the vehicle odometer, which currently shows 55 thousand kilometers.