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Porsche Carrera 4S Stinger by TopCar


TopCar published a photo of his latest works: Porsche Carrera 4S (991). Popular model German sports car received a new name — Carrera 4S Stinger and got a brand body kit. All new parts made of carbon fibers, molded using the vacuum. In addition to wide-set of employees of the domestic tuning companies offer a set of alloy wheels ADV.1 Wheels.

Stinger, undoubtedly, looks more aggressive and powerful on the background of the original version of the Porsche. New TopCar body kit includes a front bumper with a new streamlined splitter, new wider front fenders, extended side skirts and rear wheel arches. The list of innovations doesn’t end: the Russian master and replaced the rear bumper with a diffuser and a rear spoiler, and even installed a new hood out of carbon fiber. All new parts were painted in standard color, to leave the impression of a new car, only descended from the conveyor.

In addition to the new parts of the body, the Carrera 4S Stinger got a set of ultra-light alloy wheels from the company ADV.1 Wheels. As the developers say TopCar, to match the appearance and power characteristics, they decided to raise the bar of power. As a result of several little upgrades they have managed to achieve an impressive power Porsche 500 HP