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Younger by 20 years!

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

Sergey Karjakin.

Nikolai chindyaikin often plays a negative role, but on this day he would do something optimistic (king’s gambit), unless, of course, Alexander Belyaev will provide us with good weather.

Despite some economic difficulties, the repeated champion giveaway Alexander Nekipelov asked the President of the Academy of Sciences and will come in the CDL, to confirm his title.

Olympic champion basketball Anatoly Myshkin, as always, will be to demonstrate tricks with the ball. Will we finally hear the famous singer and actress, grandmaster Maria Manakova. However, it is not yet decided, what is the appropriate accompaniment to sing under the piano or guitar.

Maria Arbatov in mourning: her Indian husband crying bitter tears — Anand won the candidates tournament in third place. Going to comfort her — husband-left in the first place. Alan Chumak, as usual, is going to blow on the water, turning it into strong drinks.

Fun atmosphere on the Day with laughter once such a positive influence in our beloved poet Vladimir Vishnevsky, he began to speak among the aphorisms of own production: «And the prize giveaway is a sign of strength!», «We too have enough of a giveaway», «Here we have an adult tournament» etc. we Must assume that this time he will flash his poddelnym, sorry, poetic gift.

Specially from afar come to Russia four-time world champion in draughts Darya Tkachenko. I hope she will not sue us in court because we used for their own selfish purposes of her favorite checkers, in which a giveaway is much more popular than chess.

Since most of the features expected of a male, we invited Professor and sexologist Svetlana Kalinichenko, which on the occasion of the April 1, between the giveaway will be to give useful advice, and inexpensive — a couple of rooks or horses. And who becomes ill, get help from another Professor Alexander Bronstein. The names of other participants of the day of laughter (for pessimists April fool’s Day) the reader learns immediately after the completion of the tournament.

And another important announcement. Recall that our first April fool podduvalnoj show was held in 1996. This means that today we are celebrating its 20th anniversary! We congratulate ourselves. So, we’ve aged twenty years? No, because in the giveaway, all on the contrary: it is necessary not to take and to give! So today, we can say, we’re not old, but younger by twenty years. What we wanted to prove!

Nikita KIM, the first Vice-President of Moscow chess Federation: «we are delighted that our event will be attended personally by Sergey Karjakin, who won first place in the candidates tournament, held in Moscow and ended the other day. This is one of the most popular athletes in the world. And a true intellectual. We are very glad to see his guest of the legendary events in the CDL».