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Of accident in Lviv region: as a result of collision of buses has injured 21 people

12 injured in collision of two buses in Lviv region Chervonograd hospitalized in Central regional hospital. Only the accident injured 21 people, including 4 children, reports UNN with reference to data of the Department of civil protection of Lviv regional state administration.

In the Lviv regional state administration reminded that the accident occurred on March 11 at 16:58 on the highway Chervonograd-Radekhiv among the village of the Kyiv regional Oncology center and the city of Chervonograd Sokolsky district.

According to local authorities, the driver of the bus «Shaolin» follow «Chervonograd-Estremece», which at the time of the collision was approximately 30 people, went into the oncoming lane and made head-on collision with bus «PAZ», following «Surowicy-Radekhiv-Chervonograd», where at the time of collision was approximately 15 people.

«As a result of the accident 21 people were injured (hospitalized 12 people) 4 of them children, are in a state of varying severity were delivered in Chervonograd Central regional hospital», — stated in the message.

Also shows a list of the victims:

1. Love P, 1993 year of birth, hospitalized in the neurosurgery Department;

2. Maria S., born in 1950, is hospitalized in traumatologic office;

3. Lesia D., born in 1972, was hospitalized in the trauma Department .;

4. Maria P., born in 1999, was hospitalized in pediatric surgery;

5. Julia M., 1998 year of birth, hospitalized in the ENT Department;

6. Love S., born in 1981 hospitalized in the trauma Department;

7. Taras G. 2011, was hospitalized in pediatric surgery;

8. Vladimir K., born in 1985, admitted to the neurosurgical Department;

9. Galina G., born in 1957, was hospitalized neurosurgical Department;

10. Igor B., born in 1970, admitted to the neurosurgical Department.

11. Love G., born in 1988, was hospitalized in neurosurgical office;

12. Jan T., 2003 year of birth, hospitalized in the urology Department;

13. Hope V., born in 1968, is directed to outpatient care in the clinic;

14. 2010 C. Daniel year of birth, sent for outpatient appointments in the clinic;

15. Anna V., born in 1965, refused hospitalization;

16. Oksana C., born in 1973, refused hospitalization;

17. Mariana S., born in 1996, refused hospitalization;

18. Zenobia K., born in 1964, is directed to outpatient care in the clinic;

19. Tatiana B., born in 1995, focused on outpatient care in the clinic;

20 Igor K., born in 1959, is directed to outpatient care in the clinic.

21. Galina G., born in 1960, focused on outpatient care in the clinic.

It is noted that the reasons of incident become clear. Conducted preliminary examination.

Indicated that the poor road conditions, which could be immediate or underlying cause of committing a traffic accident, not detected.