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Digest: Autoua launched a «people’s choice 2012″, in the new year we face new rules, select auto under the profession

The week was marked by the beginning of the annual voting for the best car according to «avtosnab». Automakers had to prepare a lot of novelties — as the global and Ukrainian market. Gai officers tabled a new draft of the SDA, and the Germans meanwhile have identified the preferences of motorists, depending on their profession.

At the beginning of the week we managed to see a brand new version of the «Troika» BMW. Meet hatchback the BMW 3-series GT.

Traffic cops issued for public comment draft amendments to the SDA who are going to take next year. Promise bringing signs and markings in accordance with European standards, luminous pedestrians and much more. To educate must to know that in the New Year to drink something can.

Meanwhile, the first «hot» hatchback from KIA, the CEE’d GT, has already managed to cool down a bit. It turned out that 204-HP model will be exactly a second slower than his main rival Golf GTI. Anyway, if we are talking about the acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h. No problem — will survive. The main thing is that the Koreans with the price it has paid off — and then we’ll see. The premiere will be held in the spring at the motor show in Geneva.

In Ukraine finally announced the prices for the Peugeot 208. The competitors the cost was quite reasonable — 107 400 UAH. However, we are talking about the initial version with 68-horsepower motor. However in the market there is finally an alternative for those looking for a compact, «European», but for one reason or another had not opted for a Ford Fiesta, Seat Ibiza or VW Polo. Waiting for the new product in February.

Tell me what do you drive and I’ll tell you who you are. German insurers thanks to the available statistics revealed a relationship between the driver and the brand of his car. Check it all lines up?

In Ukraine has changed the Seat importer. Now brand came under the wing of «Porsche Ukraine». The company promises the Spanish brand in the Ukrainian market a complete reboot, and the summer — to finally bring the new Seat Leon and Toledo.

On Autoua.net began voting for the best car. Winners of the award «people’s choice 2012,» will announce on January 15. Voting, after all, only honest and incorruptible «avtobusnik» can really determine the best car in every class.

Thursday was surprised by another news from BMW. Two-door «three» now will not. But early upset — just for the new coupe, the Germans created a special series to 4-Series. Under this name next year will begin production of new items. In the meantime, look at its pre-production version.

In Kiev promised to solve the issue of «Susuki». The construction of a new interchanges I want to start next year. While studying possible projects.

Could not pass up the offer «LUKOIL» and went to see one of the gas stations. Now we know that to Rob a filling will not.

Friday collection of «Learn from the mistakes of others» turned out, as always, useful and instructive.

In addition, Friday was distinguished by several news regarding the Ukrainian market. In particular its crossover segment. Compact «SUV» Opel Mokka will arrive in Ukraine in the spring. Gamma engines are already known, and will include two petrol engines. Moreover, the capacity of both is 140 HP, the Answer is simple — one atmospheric and the other turbocharged.

Started selling the updated KIA Sorento. While the crossover is only offered with a diesel engine. The initial price — 309 960 UAH. Petrol engines will appear in the next year.

Honda announced prices for the new generation CR-V all-wheel Drive crossover, equipped with a 150-horsepower engine, paired with a five-speed automatic will cost 400 UAH 322. The sales will start on 15 December.

Have a good weekend!