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Mercedes-Benz C 450 Sport AMG from Brabus


Recently an official release of Mercedes-Benz C 450 AMG and C 43 performed by German tuning shop Brabus. The company offers specially designed package of upgrades to owners of models C and 450 C 43 progressive system full of drive 4MATIC. In the list of modifications to the standard Brabus kit: increasing capacity, improving other aspects of performance and easy transformation of the exterior of the car.

The most powerful version of Mercedes-Benz C class has received specially developed plug-and-play module. This allowed the V-shaped «six» Mercedes to get 43 more horsepower and 570 Nm of torque. The maximum speed all-wheel drive German cars now is 280 km/h. the Set of modifications called the PowerXtra B30-410, also includes a new exhaust system that significantly reduced the noise of the engine C 450.

Acceleration to «hundreds» as the model C 450 and C 43 AMG is 4.6 seconds. To prove the reliability of their work, the employees give the Brabus three-year warranty on tuning package and a guaranteed mileage of 100000 km.

Brabus tweaks and appearance all-wheel drive models. The master set his signature set of 19-inch wheels Monoblock S equipped cars and some high-quality aerodynamic parts. These include a new front spoiler and Central, as well as a redesigned rear diffuser, new rear spoiler and four chromed exhaust pipes.