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Denis Goltsov, has explained why he signed a contract with ACB, and not with the UFC

Photo courtesy of the press service

— After the announcement of the fight, your promoter Alexey Yatsenko said that before the fight with Michael and Kyle, you strengthen the shock technique. Managed?

— Yes, indeed, in our preparation was focused on this and also on defense and counterattacks. After all, Kyle is a bright representative is the impact of school, often sending his opponents into the knockdowns and knockouts.

— If you could call it the most serious of those with whom you have ever met?

Is he really at this stage of career the most serious of all with whom I fought. Why? He has extensive experience, over 30 fights, most of them with the top contenders. Skills he also enough, so I think that we will be able to show a cool match.

— Do you think you now what is more important: to fight with such experienced guys like Kyle, or young and promising, like you’re running in the top heavy division?

— The second is not always possible to find a common language and to agree on the fight. Because all are assessing their risks only if it’s not in the UFC, Bellator or the final of any Grand Prix. Of course, everyone wants to bring a good fighter to improve its record and move on.

— That is, outside of the aforementioned organizations, promising fighters on the contract cannot be found?

— Find something you can, they just won’t agree to the fight. Why risk the rating that you have achieved? The point of that? Will continue to grow, work on yourself and try to get into the UFC.

— Extreme your fights – almost all against drummers, as now. Tell me, do you, as the representative of the Sambo-Peter, have the task to transfer the case to the ground?

— Primary – no. Just there are times when drummers are trying to make the fight short and to conduct an effective attack in the opening stages of the match. Run from them you will not. So doing either pass to feet or closer. And in the clinch to box too, will not be, who cares. Want to or not, you will have to fight.

If there was any lack of time in preparation? Still, recently you spoke at the championship of Russia on fighting Sambo.

After I rested a bit and then had a full three weeks of training for a fight.

— Not enough?

— If you fight in America, then Yes, of course, we need for a month and a half to arrive, and before that a couple of months to plow.

— Speaking of last superiority. How assess it?

— Excellent! All competitors were unknown, so I fought with all seriousness. Happy with the result.

— Not a shame that the final was not able to fight with Kirill Sidelnikov?

— No. With Cyril we communicate well, all perfectly understood that the man was injured, she had no choice.

— Do you think your fight with Cyril by rules of the mixed single combats?

— It seems to me that this fight neither me, nor him, nor in what format, even if this will stand the financial component. No rating, no step forward it will not. Only one of us will throw back and all. There’s not much benefit.

— Just you, in my opinion, both are young and promising.

— Cyril is now gaining the form is returned to the fighting. Let’s see how. How his career will go like mine. We will not guess. Maybe someday they will intersect.

— In the fall you have the world championship in combat Sambo. Already thought about it?

— Somewhere in the middle of summer will begin active preparation for this tournament, will fight specifically in a jacket. Now the fight with Kyle, then another and look to the world championship.

— The bar they have set?

— Need to go and win. I need this rank to become a world champion, so I will make every effort to do so!

— Why the choice was made in favor of the ACB?

— They have the opportunity to bring a real-life opponent on which to grow and to step even higher.

— What is your contract?

6 fights in two years.

— With other Russian promotions are no negotiations? M-1, Fight Nigths.

— Specific dialogue no, it isn’t. At the level of gossip, and even then, nothing particularly interesting for me.

— What is the main advantage ACB?

Is stability. Stability in tournaments in the battle.

— The fact that the organization had not at the hearing, did not confuse?

— Not standing task to be promoted in the extreme, as some Moscow men (smiles). They, in my opinion, more PR than practice. Don’t know whether this is good or bad for them, but real fighters can see everything. Need more action than words.

You’re many expected the transition to the Western promotion. Why does this not happen?

Not as much as would like, held talks with the UFC.

— But were they?

Were, and they are not closed. Just left in limbo. Took a break and signed a contract with ACB – this will help to prepare better for the UFC.

— Agreement with ACB for two years does that mean that all this time you have to be in this promotion, or if we can work something out with the UFC – will be released?

— All people, all know better. We have an understanding with the ACB, talking openly, so then we will see how everything goes.

— How long ago there was interest from the UFC?

— About six months ago. After the fight with Maxmini had these thoughts, and finally everything fell into place after the fight with hawk. Then began active negotiations.

What is experiencing the hesitation?

— Hesitation was not just a normal fighter always wants better conditions for themselves. It all rests.

— In your opinion, what would you have been better now: cook in our industry or is it already ripe for the UFC?

— I think that is ripe. The question is, what are the steps to go there. If you quietly, like everyone else, with little fighting. But it’s not really interesting. If you go there, once for a serious fight with good conditions.

— Don’t you think that it’s too dangerous? 25 years of age for a heavyweight is quite small.

— A need to take risks. Without this, any success is not achieved. Look is Nikita Krylov. Also Conor McGregor. I don’t think he thought much about how he will fight. Just came, won, was confident and in the end gave all their opinions.

— How do you evaluate the world heavyweight division?

He much has not changed, there all 35 years and they are still not going, it seems, to leave (laughs). While they are doing well, fighting among themselves three or four times and everything is fine. The question is, when will come a new group of fighters.

— And how is it going?

— Rises (smiles).

— But the tops will not fight with the newcomers division. Here and fighting amongst themselves. A vicious circle then: you want a fight with the top, and those not.

— It is.

— What do you do then? The UFC, so it would be nice to change its policy?

— Yes. Otherwise what is the interest when three fighters in a circle zone chase? Need to attract new guys, and not to fight them one brought, and so that there was competition. Then it will go.