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Before the crash «Boeing» in Rostov crew disconnected the autopilot

The media became available the transcript of the talks between the pilots of the aircraft «Boeing» airline FlyDubai, crashed at the airport in Rostov-on-don at night on March 19. As reported «Vesti», the transcript received from source in the Commission investigating aviaperelety. It is informal and all conclusions should make the investigation. But while the transcript of the cockpit voice recorder, it is possible to make preliminary conclusions about what led to the tragedy.

As you know, that night in Rostov-on-don were severe weather conditions, particularly wind. The commander of the Boeing 37-year-old Aristos the Present not able to immediately plant the car and decided to leave on the second circle. This maneuver was done with the help of the autopilot. During the negotiations, the pilots heard the word «recruit 50″, which means the departure Board at the train station 1500. The rise of the aircraft at an angle of 15 degrees. Experts have called this mode of staffing. Automation kept the aircraft 40 seconds, and then autopilot was disabled. The aircraft has not reached the desired height.

For some reason, the Socratous disconnected the autopilot isn’t clear yet. But then the plane suddenly dived down. In the cabin can hear the words: «don’t worry, don’t worry, pull,pull!».

Experts, who spoke with journalists, suggest that the pilot failed to pull the plane from the peak due to the fact that at this point, turn on the stabilizer and in this case the plane does not react to the Elevator. Why in the peak mode, turn on the stabilizer, is also not yet clear. Experts said that it is in effect a special button. Perhaps when the commander switched to manual mode he had not noticed that hooked on this button. The reason could be chronic fatigue — the pilots of that airline often complained about processing and heavy schedule.

The last six seconds in the cockpit heard an inhuman cry…