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Among the most influential people in the world includes Russian cosmonaut

photo: ru.wikipedia.org

The ranking of «the world’s greatest leaders», although its capable of misleading title, includes not only top government officials or heads of large organizations or movements (although represented in the rating and such). According to the authors, combines all represented in the list of people that they «change the world and inspire others to do that».

The representative of Roscosmos Mikhail Kornienko and NASA astronaut Scott Kelly spent nearly a year on the International space station. During this time the ISS crew has accomplished over 400 scientific research and experiments, and the station in the amount of flying 230 million kilometers — this is slightly less than the distance from Earth to Mars.

According to journalists Forturne, the joint work of Russian and American has made a contribution to science, but in international diplomacy, giving people the hope that the difficult relations between countries can go on the back burner at least in space. Journalists compared the cooperation Kornienko and Kelly with the famous joint expedition of the Soviet ship «Soyuz-19″ and American «Apollo», which took place in July 1975, during the Cold war, and looked in the eyes of the citizens of the two countries striking a diplomatic step.