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Evgeny Vakhtangov got a new apartment

Photo: Press service of the State academic theater. Evgeny Vakhtangov.

Monetary lane, the house 12. The five-storey house in the nineteenth century was registered in the category of profitable. Here in 1918 in the apartment at number 1 and moved in already seriously ill, but does not lose vivacity of spirit and energy the Creator of a disciple of Stanislavsky. Prior to that, he was not in the capital of his corner, endlessly roamed the flats and at one time even lived at the Mansurov Studio.

— And only 18-m with the help of Nemirovich-Danchenko and Lunacharsky he got an apartment on the ground floor of this house, — tell me the scientific staff of the Museum of the Vakhtangov theatre Margaret Litvin and Irina Sergeeva. — In this apartment the day of the premiere of «Princess Turandot» during the intermission, Stanislavsky came and said, «now cover yourself in a blanket like a toga, and sleep the sleep of a winner. You delivered a perfect performance, I predict him a great future.» Even the intermission was detained. I was right — «Princess Turandot» for many years outlived its Creator.

And here is the completed repairs, the apartment got its original appearance as it was when Vahtangova: one large room, in 60 meters, and 35 meters under the Cabinet. Hall with high ceilings, stucco details, but her beauty could only be fully appreciated when I removed the old one.

— Opened the ceiling and realized that almost completely preserved luxurious moldings, and lost fragments we recovered the door cleared, tells me the theater Director Kirill KROK (it is safely possible to give the badge «honored Builder», because he has — replacement of the main stage without leaving the theatre, the opening of a New stage after the protracted, and now the apartment Vakhtangov, and a reconstruction of the Simonov theatre). — In the great hall we did the reconstruction, bought antique furniture, ordered and exhibition equipment.

I must say that the fate of the famous apartment was unenviable. The Creator of the theater and «Princess Turandot» has lived there with his wife Nadezhda Mikhailovna and little son was only 4 years. After his death the troubles of famous people apartment kept for family: his wife and son continued to live in the big room, and the Cabinet, which has become a memorial room, kept in the form in which it was during the life of the theater, a huge library, his portrait, photos with inscriptions sofa. Room for visitors was opened only when there came on the record. But they were in the lane a lot of Money — foreigners, students of the Shchukin school, actors.

In 1972 the house was settled, the family of his son and grandson turned left into the Clearing, and the apartment, fortunately, has left behind the theatre, although she then claimed many important organizations. In the 90s, who not only lodged here: young artists, architectural office and Museum of the theater, which at the behest of former Director of theatre moved into the apartment of its founder. Organized excursions, but the Vakhtangov office was always closed. Now beautifully renovated historic office with furniture, pictures on the walls to accept all comers. Ask the Museum staff:

— Now, when new life begins apartment, which exhibits it added?

— A total of 15 artifacts never before exhibited: 10 the letters turned to his disciples and pupils of the school, memos to him from Stanislavsky, Nemirovich, writer Boris Zaitsev. Two handwritten poems by Tsvetaeva Vakhtangov, letter to Sonya Holliday, as well as a letter Zavadsky and Antokolskio, who, like prodigal children, being asked to return to the Studio, and it is all original.

The exhibition also will join the touring Billboard 1911, one with the premiere of «Princess Turandot», printed during the life of Vakhtangov, a copy of the play «Archangel Michael» with his notes (he was to play a major role) and pages from the notebook of 1911, humorous mention in the verses from Sulerzhitsky. And finally, a family Bible — it is known that at the end of life Vakhtangov wanted to put this great book.

Do you think that the main visitors will be professionals of the theatre?

— Oh, no. Before we had people who just like to go on excursions: heard the name of Vahtangova, but little is know about him. Thousands of people are asked to conduct excursions: theatre, theatre rarely go. After 31 March we open, in the Vakhtangov apartment will be sold tickets, to form groups of 15 people, and the Museum will heal the active life and must live Museum.