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The unique method will provide the joy of motherhood to many infertile women

The technology of freezing ovarian tissues of women with cancer, allowed us to experience the joy of motherhood more than 40 such patients. And for the first time in Denmark will apply this method with the use of ovarian tissue 8-year-old girl.

Treatment of cancer with anticancer drugs and radiotherapy can significantly increase the chances of a full recovery. On the other hand, due to the side effects of drugs and ionizing radiation, patients often lose the ability to have children in the future.

These men and women more and more because of the successes of Oncology in General and child Oncology in particular. Similar effect have many drugs to treat blood diseases, which are not technically cancer.

While the Danish doctors plan to perform the first operation in the world, which should help to become the mother of a young woman, happily recovered as a child from thalassemia, inherited blood disorder.

Although thalassemia is not a cancer, this disease often used method of treatment involving the transplantation of donor bone marrow.

British doctors discovered thalassemia a resident of Dubai (Dubai) MoAZ Alnasrawi (Moaza Alnatrooshi) more than 15 years ago, when she was only 8 years old. In those days there were no methods that allow you to use the freezing of ovarian tissue for subsequent implantation it into the abdominal cavity of women – however, doctors MoAZ, guided by intuition, yet extracted a portion of tissue from her ovaries and placed them in liquid nitrogen.

Now this girl was already 23 years old. Thanks to a bone marrow transplant, she completely got rid of thalassemia – but the side effects of treatment led to complete infertility.

Soon the Danish doctors from the clinic at the University of Copenhagen (Copenhagen University) will hold the first in the history of medicine surgery, during which the MoAZ implanted in the abdominal cavity tissue of her ovary, which were removed before it reaches sexual maturity.

Copenhagen doctors believe that within a few weeks as a result of the effects of hormones ovarian tissue will become adults and begin to produce normal egg cells. They will be used for in vitro fertilization procedure that will allow the American to become a mother.