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Blondes finally rehabilitated

photo: morguefile.com

Jokes about mental ability of blondes in the United States is popular not less, than at us. All psychological and social studies in recent years indicate that stereotypes greatly affect the hiring of new employees, improving old ones and other social phenomena. Jay Sagorsky tried to refute the conventional wisdom, analyzing the data by level of IQ, success in life and other socio-economic parameters. These data were collected in 1979 during a survey of several thousand Americans born in the 50’s and 60’s. First, when analyzing the results hair color and skin was not taken into account — the social scientists had no data on the appearance of the participants in the experiment. Gathered them six years later. In the end, it turned out that the IQ of blondes in an average of 103.2 points, which was the highest result for all categories of women. Brunette lost to them quite a bit — their IQ was on average equal to 102.7 points. The red-haired study participants IQ was 101.2 points, while the chestnut — 100,5 points. Also, the scientist notes that caught the blonde who had all chances to be a genius with an extremely high IQ (150+). In addition, there were a lot of blonde American women with a medium-low level of intelligence.

The researcher Zagorski believes that blondes showed the best result in view of the fact that in their home libraries of books more than in the homes of women with a different hair color. But the sociologist does not deny that this may be involved and genetic factors.

Says doctor of biological Sciences, genetics Svetlana Borinskaya:

— The differences between blondes and brunettes shown in the advertised article can be purely random, unrelated to the color of their hair. With the same success we can compare people of the North of Europe and South-East Asia, whether or not they eat fried grasshoppers, or use a fork for eating. As in China, Japan or Korea, the grasshoppers eat much more frequently than in Europe, and there are natural blondes are extremely rare, we get the obvious result — blondes rarely eat grasshoppers and use forks more often than brunettes. Not to get crap like this, it is necessary in the study of the whole group to consider existing within it subgroups with common origins. This Zagorski did not take into account. He’s an economist and an article published in the economic Bulletin. Would have been an anthropologist or demographer would know that it is necessary to take into account. Actually the correct conclusion from obtained results is that blondes aren’t dumber than women with other hair color and what hair color to intelligence is not bound, because the differences do not go beyond random.