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Why children should not be allowed to mow the grass on the lawn?

Over the past 20-25 years, the number of lawnmowers in our country has increased tenfold. However, scientists warn that children in the hands of these useful and convenient mechanisms can become a dangerous weapon, inflicting mistakes lawn care severe injuries.

Children and adolescents, especially boys, characterized by increased interest in various machines and mechanisms, always delighted at the parents buying the lawn mower for trimming the grass near your home or garden.

However as reported by researchers from the U.S., even simple garden trimmers, not to mention powerful «riders», self-propelled lawn mowers with steering and can cause children serious injury or even cause their death.

Therefore, in families where there are such machines, access to children, especially without adult supervision, should be prohibited.

Scientists from the University of Pennsylvania (Pennsylvania State University) conducted an analysis of information from medical records of 199 children who received medical care in the trauma unit of the University hospital.

All children (aged 1 to 17 years) received injuries of varying severity as a result of accidents involving lawn mowers.

Scientists report that in 65% of cases were injured legs of the victims, 81% of injured children were boys (quite naturally), and in 55% of cases the child was injured, trying to cut the grass with a self-propelled mower with a steering wheel.

However, the most disturbing is the fact that injured 106 of 199 children had to amputate the limb – in most cases it was a leg or even both lower limbs.

«We found that many adults do not think about how dangerous knives lawnmowers, for the simple reason that such knives usually are not visible since they are covered by a casing of the mower,» – said the head of research Professor Douglas Armstrong (Douglas Armstrong).