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Digest: test BMW X1, the Kiev District will be extended until Heroic, neurolaena the Toyota Prius, and KIA will be hot

The week passed as one day, giving many interesting automotive news. A little belatedly we tested the BMW X1, KIA finally preparing a charged car with turbo, Kiev will make a Great Ring to Heroic, and Toyota Prius is completely useless to the hijackers.

The week started with the results of the United States Grand Prix racing Formula 1. Ferrari has done everything possible to Alonso still caught the title. You can argue about the correctness of such behavior of the team, but F1 have not only war equipment and pilots, but also strategies. But everything will be decided in the last Grand Prix of the season is this Sunday.

Skeptics confounded, Peugeot 208 had a great start in Europe in October and broke into the top 3 of sales, behind only the Ford Fiesta and Golf. Bravo, kid, waiting in Ukraine and remember the impressions from the test drive.

Meanwhile, the Nissan Almera is preparing to enter the market. First in Russia in January and then in April. Became known approximate price is just under $18 000. Do not rush to swear, it’s for top-end version which will go on sale first.

PrivatBank offers to fill the car from your phone. What-what, and innovation «privatevar» can not refuse.

The galaxy is in danger, women drivers in the U.S. for more than men. Soon on the American market steer no more sedans and muscle cars, and little pink hatch. «Here it is, the end of the world? *popcorn*» — writes in the comments of comrade Afictionad0. The picture, as if to imply who was to blame.

Screaming girls and cheers in the air threw up their bonnets when reading the news about charged cars KIA, which will soon appear on the market. Turbine, the analogue of DSG, all grown-up.

At this time the owners of Toyota Prius did not cover their car for the night. Steal them nobody wants. And those that even are stolen, it is still in 97% of cases returned to the owners. Sleep tight, Prepology.

I almost forgot, we tested younger crossover BMW X1. Cool rides, cool rulitsya, but the xDrive has issues.

Who lives on the Vineyard and Obolon has to assess the intention of the KSCA to hold the Ring up to Heroic. There is nothing at all, the 1.7 km But it is necessary to construct the overpass through the railway, it’s a minus.

Just a great video about the landfill, which teach drivers chanavazov in Russia. Normal people can too there to learn. Tech town, there are cool stuff that we have not yet dreamed of. Look carefully, removed too great.

And, as usual, we closed the week with a selection of video registrars «Learn from the mistakes of others». Mast, as they say, si.

See you next week!