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Urgant about the joke about Lenin: and ask forgiveness of the Communists

photo: youtube.com

Urgant timed his «regret» for the feast of the Forgiveness Sunday, providing it a hefty dose of sarcasm:

«Yesterday was forgiveness Sunday is one of the three most revered holidays of members of the party «Communists of Russia,» he quipped, adding that the other two are the may day and the Day of medical worker. That’s why Mitya Khrustalev want to apologize to the party «Communists of Russia»… Forgive us! For God’s sake!… Now especially for you in the beginning of the program will use the caption: «Attention! The program may contain a distorted image of leaders,» said Urgant.

Previously, members of the Kuban branch of the party «Communists of Russia» has sent Prosecutor General of Russia a request for the initiation of a relationship Urgant criminal case on the fact of incitement to social hatred. In addition, the Communists also asked the Director General of JSC «First channel» to remove the TV presenter and his partner Dmitry Khrustaleva from the air before the end of the proceedings. The cause of the righteous anger of the Communists was to transfer «Evening Urgant» on March 11.

In turn, aggravate around commenting on the TV show «the passion» a well-known journalist Vladimir Pozner complained that they started a «dispute» with Urgant, apparently, there’s more important things that they do that sort of nonsense.

«Understand why it is done, but it makes me sad. Is there more significant and important than such nonsense?… I see no reason to create some noise around this situation», — quotes the words of Posner portal Рozneronline.