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The most interesting events of the week: the New «Qashqai», perspectives of bioethanol in Ukraine, prices on Mazda3

Reviving the format of the weekly digest of interesting automotive events of the week. Keep up with all the interesting and necessary with Autoua.net. This week get acquainted with the new Nissan Qashqai, learn Ukrainian prices on the Mazda3 and Toyota LC Prado, together with Vasadze afraid of the EU Association, and AIS — raiding Yaroslavl.

The New Nissan Qashqai

The main event of the week is surely classbrowser premiere of the new crossover Nissan Qashqai. At the time, the Japanese sovrali the market the first generation of this machine and it looks like they plan to repeat the success this time. New «Nissan Qashqai» will set the standards of equipment and safety in its class and is almost certain to become a bestseller, like the first generation. All the details about Nissan Qashqai 2014 in our large material.

Prices for the Mazda3

We published preliminary prices for the new Mazda3 hatchback last week that the us importer said that these informal pictures and all. But on Wednesday appeared exactly corresponding official pictures, which we happily announced. With joy, because for a very well equipped car and ask quite sane, as in these times, money. The basic version with petrol 1.6 on the mechanics starts with 179 900 USD and this machine is not «empty».

New Mazda3 pleased with the price and equipment. Waiting to get to know on the test drive.
Prices for Toyota Land Cruiser Prado

Can you not love the appearance of the Toyota LC Prado, but you cannot deny the obvious — this machine is very popular. Therefore, declare the prices in which are already taking pre-orders. A basic machine with a 2.7 under the hood and a four-stage machine would cost the owner of 380 586 USD. For the top four-liter car will have to pay 713 496 USD.

The configuration was renamed. What used to be called Comfort, Lux and Premium from now on called respectively TX, TX-L, VX-L of an intermediate variant VX.
The car recycling fee and the Association with the EU

Tariel Vasadze, honorary President of «UkrAVTO» declared that hearings about increase of rates of utilization fee will remain rumors. Moreover, after six months this fee will pay everything, even ZAZ. He also noted that the abolition of step-up ratios on the engines of a large volume, the Cabinet had already decided. But in an interview with German journalists on the subject of Association with the European Union, he said, will not accept the abolition of protective duties, which can destroy the domestic auto industry.

New mills «Eurocar» and «hostile takeover» AIS

The company «Eurocar», collecting we have a car brand Skoda, shared ambitious plans for the development of production. In addition to the Assembly of cars «Eurocar» is going to increase the production of components, to improve the localization machinery and, in General, to create in Transcarpathia powerful automotive cluster, which certainly interested investors.

Not a «Skoda» single.

At the same time, another «national manufacturer», group of companies AIS, said about the attempt of raider capture. However, in this story things are not so simple, since «raiders» immediately responded to the accusations saying about the huge debts of the AIS.

Interchange and Mail on the new Parking in Kiev

Delivery of the second phase of the tunnel under the Poshtova square is delayed again, this time for a month and a half. The exact date to call no one is at risk, because there are certain problems with financing of the project. Full of the same grace in this area should occur in the spring of 2014.

At the moment both directions ride on the right side of the tunnel, which causes frequent traffic jams.

Meanwhile, announced plans to build several multi-storey car parks in Kiev. The city Council plans to allocate land for them, so that the construction works started in March.

Coming Peugeot 508 RXH

The car we tested almost two years ago, will still be in Ukraine. Talking about diesel-hybrid Peugeot 508 RXH estate car that can compete with a recognized «generic villains» Volvo XC70 and Audi A6 Allroad. The car will be available in a single configuration value 100 467 USD.

On the streets of Kiev, the machine looks no worse than in a Provencal Chateau.
Tesla again has lighted up, and Musk is building a new plant

Elon Musk, the head and mastermind of the production of electric Tesla, Steve jobs of the automotive industry, plans to construct own factory on manufacture of batteries. This will allow to avoid the use of foreign elements (Tesla now comes with batanayi Panasonic) and will allow the company to meet the demand for the car. Musk States that this will be a plant comparable with all the other manufactures of batteries together.

You are probably already aware that we are not indifferent to the Tesla Model S. But we are not alone. His enthusiasm from exploring with this machine shares much more sophisticated automotive journalist, the editor-in-chief of the Russian Autoreview, Michael Podorozhansky. Look.

Meanwhile, the Tesla Model S remain registered for the third incident in a month. Let’s hope that the problem is not systematic, especially because in this case the fire started due to hitting a sharp object. That did not stop the exchange immediately to respond to this event by the share price.

Much does it cost to sell a car and how to properly prepare it for sale?

Carefully dealt with the sale price of the machine. Easiest way — on the «Generale». But cheaper just, as it turned out, through a notarial contract of sale. All the details and nuances in a detailed article.

Also talk about preparing your car for sale. How «premarital» car and is it worth doing this?

Meanwhile, the market for used cars in Ukraine fell behind new. Because of the utilization fee was extremely disadvantageous to customs clearance cars with mileage, prakicheski paralyzed sales.

The Germans chose the «Miss tuning» and called the candidates for the world car of the year

12 pictures of a paper calendar can’t fail to please fans of tuning. A book like this is only 20 Euro.

Surprisingly, in the published list of contenders for the title of «world car of the year» there were no representatives from Volskwagen. But there is a Skoda Octavia and Peugeot 308. Choosing whom to cheer for.

If voted on Autoua.net that rivals canonical there would be no chance.

Waiting for the new week and new roads events, stay tuned.