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The eternal wonder of the terrestrial world: the Japanese admire the blossoming Sakura

In Imperial Park in Tokyo on Friday, opened the season of cherry blossom, Soobshch Japanese press with reference to the Management of monarchial Palace.

During the week anyone can visit the Park and walk along the 600-meter alley Inui-Dori. Here trees are planted five varieties of Japanese cherry.

This year the Management of the yard has extended the dates when you can visit the alley, from five days to seven. This is due to the fact that every year to admire the cherry blossoms in the Imperial Park comes a lot of people in 2014, when visitors were first allowed on Inui Dori for five days, came here 400 thousand people.

Now most of the buds on the trees have not yet blossomed. As reported by the Department, «to the best time for admiring approached one tree of the variety «edohigan» and «mohegan».

Starting this year, the Office of the Imperial court on its official website every day will publish the photos of the alleys, to inform visitors about the condition of cherry blossom.

Usually visit the Palace and Park is only possible twice per year — on the Emperor’s birthday on 23 December and the second day of the New year. Visitors began to start in the alley of the Imperial Park in 2014 — the next year after the Emperor celebrated its 80th anniversary. Since that time, visitors can admire the spring cherry blossoms and autumn leaves on red maples.