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The baby, a friend of Carlson, the artist Yuriy Butyrin sketched with his son

Yuri was born on March 21, 1930. He studied at the sculpture Department of the Moscow school of industrial art. After the war he restored the ruined buildings of Moscow and Leningrad. In 50-th years did a course in renderers at the Studio «Soyuzmultfilm», and in 1964 — courses artists-animators. Worked on «Belarusfilm» in Minsk, «Multilivello» in Moscow, participated in the creation of films that became the «Golden Fund» of Soviet animation: «Vovka in a far away Kingdom», «Thumbelina», «Spy passions». With Anatoly Savchenko Yuriy Butyrin was the art Director of films «the Kid and Carlson» and «Carlson has returned» directed by Boris Stepantsev. And in 1973 made his debut as a Director, he worked in television in the famous Creative Association «Screen». It was there that he participated in the creation of the series «Well, pogodi!», cartoons » ♪ RUB! Hello!», «Nehochuha», «Big Wow». In 1997 he published his serial film «Neznayka on the moon».

The son of Yuri Aleksandrovich, Kirill Butyrin, in recent years lives in Germany, working as a correspondent «the First channel». He’s a grown man, but if you look closely, you can guess it features the Kid from the famous cartoon. It is watching the son of Yuriy Butyrin draw everyone’s favorite cartoon character.

The artist Marina Kurchevsky (the cartoon «the Tale about the Christmas tree», «Blizzard», «Zheltukhin», «tower»), known Yuri Butyrin not only as an outstanding animator, but also as a neighbor at the cottage, shared with «MK».

Yuri Butyrin is one of the last representatives of the great Soviet school of animation, which, unfortunately, leaves. Multiplier many old and favourite us movies was it. This profession resembles the actor. There are good artists and bad. The animator animates the puppet. He’s the same actor. Yuri did it brilliantly, invested in their characters nature, carefully developed it. And what is the nature of the character in the animation? This movement. How masterfully he can pass, so he’s a good actor. In the same «Carlson» each of the characters — its own unique character, carefully thought-out behavior. Now multiplicate very dirty, and the time worked as Yuri Butyrin, there was a serious school-based study of the disney tradition. Yuri was not only professional, but also cute man, look very ordinary. Until old age, when it was bad seen and heard, not sitting around, digging in the garden. He had a beautiful garden in which he planted flowers. It was a very positive person.