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Paid organ donation – the reality of the near future?

The legislation of all countries of the world prohibit lifetime donors to get paid for a severely ill man donated a kidney. However, it is possible that the growing shortage of such bodies will sooner or later lead to a revision of the strict laws.

American scientists have conducted an unusual study, because of which they are, in principle, can be accused of breach of scientific and medical ethics. Employees of the University of Florida (University of Florida) has received data that suggests that many U.S. residents would agree to become a lifetime donor kidney – but not for free, but for money…

The authors of the study urge not to collapse on them with scathing criticism, but first take into consideration the fact that currently in the US waiting list for a kidney transplant more than 100,000 people with end-stage renal failure. In addition, for 10 years from 2004 to 2013, more than 63,000 Americans, whose names were placed on the waiting list died, and not waiting for life-saving surgery.

Scientists from Florida interviewed 1 011 resident (427 men and 584 women), would they be willing to donate one of his kidneys to save the patient.

689 respondents (68%) reported that they had agreed in principle on such a display of altruism, regardless of familiarity with the recipient, and 9% said that not giving my body under any circumstances.

However, as the scientists from Florida, of particular importance are the responses regarding consent to become a lifetime donor of a kidney for a fee.

59% of respondents reported that the amount of 50 000 USD would greatly enhance their motivation to become a lifetime donor kidney.

«There is a need to change the Federal law of the United States about organ donation so that scientists were able to conduct a pilot study on the effectiveness of paid kidney donation. Such a donation has the potential to significantly reduce the shortage of donor organs and to ensure the preservation of thousands of human lives», – the authors of this unusual study.