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Russian scientists brought the most fleshy bull

As have informed «MK» in the Stavropol state agrarian University, a new species of cattle called «Demetrius». Work on its removal began in 2002. The selectors took herefords the breed of cattle was brought to our country many years ago from England, but not given in our more extreme weather conditions, the best result. Maximum weight gain «geriforte» a day does not exceed 1 kilogram. This figure was the limit for these most productive cows in the Russian context.

Scientists of the Agrarian University under the leadership of Vladimir Trukhacheva and research Institute of sheep and goat have teamed up for the selection (breeding) of animals herefords breed from the best pedigree enterprises and their breeding. In work were used and genetic methods: experts sought in DNA of individual applicants for particular breeding gene responsible for the quality of muscle mass. Owners of low-fat meat, with high nutritional properties were selected, the rest culled. In the end visible result is the appearance of individuals with overweight per day 1.5 kg was reached only in 6-7 generation. They were called «Demetrius». 18 month old steer this type of beef cattle weighs half a ton. The carcass, as we say in the University, is notable for the even distribution of fat mainly in muscle tissue that forms the most valuable trait of marbling. It is also different, juiciness, tenderness and flavor. Carcasses from young animals «Demetrius» has the highest ratio of meat content, just 1 kg of bones, 6 kg of pulp.

Recently a new type has been added to the list of breeding achievements of the Russian. Representatives of the super-herd, characterized by pale red body color and white head, like the pioneers-«geriforte», already started to buy Russian breeding farms.