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Khabensky plays and the little Prince and the pilot

photo: Gennady Avramenko

Projects of this kind-fantasy, gradually combine into a single original genre: live music and music theatre with special properties and character, and here the figure of the brooding, impetuous wanderer-Bashmet, without whom this project would not have taken place (the idea of his version of «the Little Prince» came Khabensky and Yuri Bashmet few years ago; recently the play, finally, was famously put by the Petersburg Director Victor Kramer with the close cooperation of the theater «Contemporary»).

You are actually immersed in the tale — both musical and visual (far away stars flash, a huge bubble inflated universe); let the interpretation of Cramer’s far from the original (in the sense of the works of Antoine de Saint-exupéry), but tries with the same degree of poetic sincerity to speak on serious subjects — the salvation of the body of the pilot (what compels a hot desert, that is a true sandbox in the scene) or salvation of the spirit (called the Little Prince).

By the way, the musical score created by the composer Kuzma Bodrov — in «don’t leave the planet» sounds like its author’s music, and arranged them a part of the music of Mahler and Brahms. Khabensky plays the same role for almost everyone, including voice in different manners, even talking with their own image on the gold coin; however, in the case of «Contemporary» performers will be two «in the queue» — that Khabenskiy, Artur Smolyaninov.

— The fabric of live performance, something very improvised, and the actors and then included in the amazing dialogues between the Pilot and the Prince, — told «MK» the organizers of the event.

At some point you realize that you are present within this phantasmagoria, where the main character along with you trying to figure out — what is man? What choice he have to do? And, every day. Until the end of the show and will not be clear, and whether the Pilot is alive in reality. He along with the audience goes a long way — with broken wings, trying to take the wings of the eternal. Don’t know what will be the effect in Moscow, but in Sochi at the end of «the Prince» was a very long ovation…