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Putin Patroller Kerry: «So bad in the US — there is nobody to help the Secretary of state to carry a suitcase?»

The Kremlin is already 1.5 hours negotiations of Vladimir Putin and John Kerry. The Secretary of state immediately offered not to be limited to known topics related to Syria and Ukraine, and to discuss what needs to be done to restore and strengthen relations between Russia and the United States. Putin started the conversation with jokes, hinting that bad things of the state, whose highest representative is obliged to carry his suitcase.

The talks with Vladimir Putin was preceded by a long day for John Kerry in Moscow. In the morning, the Secretary met with his Russian counterpart: although Sergei Lavrov recently had a birthday, brought from USA guitar was not a gift, and personal property Kerry, accompanying him on all trips. (Perhaps a shuffling of the strings calms the nerves, and at the same time helps to systematize the information obtained in the course of the day).

U.S. Secretary of state John Kerry brought to Russia his guitar. As explained to journalists the speaker of the foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova, a tool Kerry carries with him to different journeys.

Moreover — the Secretary of state plays in public. When Kerry was in China in 2014, he was charmed by the music of the surprised citizens of China. Video published on the website youtube.com user-U.S. Department of State.

To the question «MK», what gave the American guest the birthday of the speaker of the Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova said — «Protocol gift» by refusing to tell the details.

The talks between the foreign Ministers lasted more than four hours, after which John Kerry has decided to «get some air» — first went up on the roof «national» to communicate with the astronauts, then went on to the acquaintance with the historical center of Moscow.

If during his last visit he walked along the Arbat, this time the choice fell on Tverskaya street is a blessing from the Kremlin, where Vladimir Putin was talking with the crown Prince of the Arab Emirates, not far. (By the way, American journalists were quite surprised when at 18: 00, namely this hour had been planned Russian-American talks, on the TV screen in the press center suddenly appeared a swarthy Arab. However, remembering the habits of the Russian leader relaxed and began to plan when — today or tomorrow — they will be able to leave the Kremlin).

As a result, the meeting of Putin with Secretary of state John Kerry started 1.5 hours after the scheduled time. The Secretary entered the office of the President, accompanied by Sergei Lavrov, her assistant Victoria Nuland and U.S. Ambassador to Russia John Tefft, and stopped right in front of photographers. It was obvious that he was not averse to make a good «family photo» with Vladimir Putin.

The Russian President also appeared to be in good spirits. Taking photographs and inviting the guests to sit down at an oval marble table, he decided to maintain a playful atmosphere that accompanied the start of negotiations Kerry with Sergei Lavrov. (Recall that the foreign Ministers this morning were fun of each other: Kerry, who is 72, asked 66-year-old Lavrov to exercise wisdom and to respect their elders).

Seeing as you descend the ramp and bear my things, I was disappointed with a serious expression said GDP, on the one hand it is, of course, very affordable, on the other hand, I think, a very, apparently, it’s bad in the US, no one to help the Secretary of state the suitcase to carry. Although the economy seems to be all good — no big cuts.

Then, according to Putin, he had another version of John Kerry brought something valuable, most likely the money to bargain on key issues. Guests politely smiled to the joke ( later, however, American journalists were outraged that GDP began the meeting with an attack), and the Secretary promised alone to tell the Russian President that actually was in his suitcase.

In response, Kerry has decided to do without jokes and immediately expressed condolences in connection with the fall of Boeing in Rostov-on-don. He offered Putin assistance of American experts on transport security, which, according to him, ready at any time to fly to the place and to assist in the investigation of the disaster.

The Secretary of state stressed that the entire U.S. delegation welcomes the opportunity «to talk seriously in the Kremlin about serious things».

«We have thoughts on how to more efficiently perform the inter-Syrian negotiations in Geneva, and ideas how to make progress on Ukraine,» Kerry said, identifying two main themes of the Russian — American talks. In addition, he suggested that «we need to do to strengthen the relationship between Russia and the United States.»

Note that before the visit of Kerry, the Russian foreign Ministry issued a commentary, which stated that «the situation in Russian-American relations remains difficult», including a series of «confrontational steps taken by Washington under the pretext of the Ukrainian crisis». But after the advances made by Kerry, to continue the rhetoric of «cold war» was already uncomfortable.

«We understand that what we could do on the Syrian track, could only be achieved due to the position of highest political leadership of the USA, the positions of Barack Obama, peace — loving Putin said, — I hope that your visit will allow us to bring closer the positions on further negotiations on both the Syrian and Ukrainian issues».

On the prospects of restoration of Russian-American relations, the Russian President has kept silent.